Millions of Americans miss unemployment benefits because President Trump did not sign the law

President Trump did not sign to enact laws, millions of Americans “missed” unemployment benefits

Millions of Americans lost their unemployment benefits because the program expired on December 26 because President Donald Trump refused to sign the law on plague aid.

Amazon employees at the Staten Island warehouse area go on strike when the area closes on March 30, 2020. Photo: AFP

President Trump has not signed the law on aid of the Covid-19 era and government spending totaling $ 2,300 billion because he believes the American aid daily in the bill is not enough.

President Trump surprised Republicans and Democrats by surprise this week He expressed dissatisfaction with the bill for such a large-scale aid package, which set aside $ 892 billion in disease assistance, including a renewal expense for a special unemployment benefit program that expires on the 26th. / 12 and $ 1,400 billion for recurrent government spending.

If the support law is not approved by Mr. Trump, about 14 million Americans may not be entitled to additional unemployment benefits, according to data from the US Department of Labor. The US government will have to partially shut down from December 29, unless Congress approves a government spending aid bill before that time.

After months of controversy, Republicans and Democrats agreed on the fiscal aid package last weekend, with the support of the White House. Trump, who was supposed to hand over power to President-elect Joe Biden on January 20, 2021, did not oppose the terms of the fiscal stimulus before Congress voted to pass the bill. earlier this week.

After the US Congress approved the bill, Trump complained that it spent too much money on special interests, cultural projects and foreign aid, while a one-time payment of $ 600. for millions of Americans in trouble is too small. Therefore, Mr. Trump proposed to raise the level of support to $ 2,000.

“Why do politicians not approve a grant of $ 2,000 per person, instead of just $ 600? … Grant money to our people,” President Trump tweeted at Christmas – when he spent most of his time golfing at the Mar-a-Lago private resort in Palm Beach, Florida.

Many economists also agree that the $ 600 / person aid in the bill just passed by the US Congress is too little, but nonetheless, this support is still urgent and welcome.

A source familiar with the matter said that President Trump’s opposition to the bill shocked many White House officials. President Trump’s attitude towards the bill remains unclear. Although he did not veto the bill, but still has the ability to sign the law in the coming days.

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