Mobile plan: Orange increases the price of its offers without notifying its customers

It seems that this practice is spreading. After its competitors SFR and Bouygues Telecom, it is the turn of the number 1 operator in France, Orange to increase the prices of its mobile package offers without notifying its customers.

Orange enters the dance of price increases

Orange however resisted the temptation well but like its competitors SFR and Bouygues Telecom, the number one operator of the French is embarking on the dance of price increases. For the past few weeks, Orange has been sending notifications to its subscribers by email or text message to warn them that their mobile offer will benefit from an improvement.

An improvement in the mobile plan, which results in an increase in the price of the latter. Under cover of an attractive offer, 10 GB of additional data ” without re-engagement and without action on your part “. Thus, the subscriber benefits from this improvement free of charge for one month before the bill is awarded an additional two euros. Unlike its competitors, Orange enables its customers to “ revert to the original offer at any time “.

An infuriating but legal practice

If this practice is annoying and exasperating, it remains legal. Orange is not breaking the law by increasing its prices in this way. To stay in the nails, the operator must however respect two conditions, which the General Directorate of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Control defines.

The rate increase must be notified to the subscriber one month before the latter comes into force. In addition, this increase can only target “telecom-related services”, that is to say mobile data or even the rate of the package. Thus, Orange cannot be accused by its subscribers of questionable commercial practice.

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