Modular panel swimming pool: advantages, disadvantages, price of construction

The modular panel pool is one of the many models available on the market. Its design allows it to be buried and to create a bathing area as beautiful as if we had opted for a classic masonry pool. It is therefore not surprising that it is so popular with individuals. Moreover, we hardly know anything but strengths and that is what we are going to see here.

What is a modular panel swimming pool?

This pool is made up of panels who have been prefabricated in factory then are assembled on site. It is generally buried, but there are also above-ground and semi-buried models. Thus, it is quite possible to find a swimming pool in modular panels that adapts perfectly to the configuration of the land.

It is available in five possible materials, each with its own specificities, namely:

  • The wood (preferably exotic): provided you choose a class IV or V wood, we have a material that is both noble and rot-proof.
  • Thesteel: it is the material which presents the best quality / price ratio. This is why steel panel pools are the best-selling in the modular category.
  • The reinforced concrete: extremely robust, it outperforms aluminum and steel in this area.
  • The composite: this light material is nonetheless ultra resistant. It does not deteriorate and does not need special maintenance. This is an asset if you want to install a pool that looks like wood at home.
  • Thealuminum: it offers great resistance to corrosion.

Before setting your sights on a particular material, it is better all the same seek advice from a pool specialist. This pool expert has extensive experience in the field and knows exactly what is best suited to the constraints (environment, type of soil, pool model, customer budget, etc.).

What are the advantages of the modular panel swimming pool?

In addition to being able to choose the material that suits him best, the customer who opts for a swimming pool in modular panels will be able to appreciate its countless assets.

The choice

Everyone can afford the pool of his dreams by choosing modular panels and benefiting from a product that has the following advantages:

  • Comfort equipment included or optional: you can afford anything with a modular panel pool, exactly as if you had a traditional swimming pool. It can therefore be equipped for example:
    • An electric heating device or by heat pump (heat pump),
    • A filtration system,
    • From a submerged beach,
    • Projectors,
    • A system of swimming against the current,
    • One or more stairs,
    • From hydromassage jets …
  • The variety of sizes basin: mini, medium or huge… there is no limit if it is not the client’s budget and the size of his land.
  • The depth: it can be mixed or uniform since the bottom of the modular pool is made of a concrete slab. Everyone can therefore choose the pool depth that suits them best.
  • The pool shape: all standard shapes are possible but also free shapes. In the latter case, however, two materials are preferable since they lend themselves to all possibilities. This is the case with aluminum and steel.
  • The color: this is provided by the coating that must be installed on the modular panels in order to guarantee the waterproofing of the swimming pool. It can be a PVC membrane or a liner. Here again, all measurements are permitted.
  • A low, mid-high or high shelter, of any type so that it fits nicely into the environment. There are many models of swimming pool enclosures, namely:
    • Flexible,
    • Fixed,
    • Telescopic,
    • Removable…

It is necessary refine your project beforehand because it is at the control of the swimming pool in modular panels that all the equipment having to be supported on the wall of the basin must be provided.

A swimming pool that you can install yourself

It is one of the great advantages of this type of basin prefabricated in the factory since it is a kit. This does not mean, however, that everyone is capable of embarking on this adventure! You have to be rigorous, have an excellent level of knowledge in DIY, electricity, plumbing …

Better to be sure of your own shot because in this case there is no contractual guarantee. The slightest mistake can lead to problems that cannot be taken care of if you have done the installation yourself. Certainly theself-construction of its swimming pool in modular panels saves money, but it can end up costing much more in fine if the assembly is poorly done. It is therefore much wiser to entrust the installation to a professional. At least we don’t take any risks …

Are there any drawbacks to the modular panel pool?

The answer is a not almost categorical. Its variation is so vast that it meets all tastes and requirements. Whether in terms of aesthetics, price, waterproofing, longevity, layout possibilities and installation time, it wins all the votes. We cannot therefore fault much with this swimming pool in modular panels and this is the reason why it is sold more and more.

However, some materials in which it is available may not be suitable for everyone. You should know that:

  • Steel is not recommended if the pool is to be buried in acidic soil or in which humidity tends to be fairly present because this material is more exposed than others to water. corrosion. It must therefore be protected against this risk.
  • Reinforced concrete leaves fewer possibilities in terms of the shape of the pool, especially the curves, because the handling panels is not easy.
  • The wood must be imperatively class IV or V to be rot-proof. It is therefore necessary to be able to have a sufficient budget because these types of wood are the most expensive. To avoid the risk of being confronted with a rapid rotting of your pond, it is strongly recommended not to be tempted by a class III wood on the grounds that it is more accessible in terms of price.

Such a project deserves of course to devote a little time to it. Well chosen but also well placed, this swimming pool brings real added value to a property.

How much does it cost to build a swimming pool with modular panels?

It is not possible to indicate the price of a modular panel pool precisely since it is defined case by case depending on the size, shape, depth of the pool, or even its equipment …

If you do not have the skills to install your own swimming pool, you must include the cost of labor since it is crucial to entrust the work to a professional. This also takes into account the connections, the constraints imposed by its installation, the casting of the base slab, the earthwork and of course we do not forget to add to the overall score the cost of delivery of the modular panels. .

The workforce may require a budget from 4,000 to more than 15,000 €. Let’s say that it takes between 15,000 and 22,000 € overall to finance the purchase of a large pool and its construction by a pro. But that’s just one idea. Do not hesitate to get information from local pool specialists and artisans through a online comparator. This is the best solution to subsequently obtain different quotes with great precision.

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