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Moment of conviviality at the ministry and hallway prayers. Return on the political news of Wednesday April 7, 2021.

A party at the Ministry of Higher Education… without a mask

The government is struggling to get out of the controversies, after the M6 ​​report highlighting clandestine dinners with ministers, the Ministry of Higher Education is pinned for having organized a party without a mask. A user posted the video Monday April 5 on Twitter. On the latter we see some employees of the ministry dancing without a mask around 10 p.m.

Asked by 20 minutes, the Minister, Frédérique Vidal, reacted to the controversy: ” It was a Friday evening, it was past 10pm. It was abouta moment of conviviality between a few employees, who were in a shared kitchen. It’s a moment of relaxation on the sidelines of a working week, there is no need to show it off “.

Small “bamboche” organized at the Ministry of Higher Education …
Video filmed on January 29, 2021 around 10 p.m. … #EatTheRich #chalencon #RestaurantsClandestins @sup_research

– Johnny_keumook? (@ton_breu) April 5, 2021

Stéphane Piednoir: we must “refuse the practice of prayers in the corridors of universities”

Senator LR Stéphane Piednoir exposed during a session to review the text on separatism, a new amendment aimed at banning prayers in university corridors. He wished to recall that ” the practice of worship in an inappropriate place does not seem acceptable in our Republic adding that it was a ” constant phenomenon, recorded several times “.

He considered that this amendment was of capital importance to roll back separatism wherever possible (…) and to consider the ways and means of doing so.

Arnaud Montebourg believes in Marine Le Pen’s victory

The former minister of Emmanuel Macron, Arnaud Montebourg, believes that the president of the National Rally, Marine Le Pen can win the presidential election of 2022. Indeed, according to him Emmanuel Macron is ” not a rampart “To the far right because it is” hated because he is arrogant ”.

For Arnaud Montebourg, the presidential election of 2022 will have Anglo-Saxon airs. ” It’s the same as the Trump phenomenon or Brexit ” , no candidate strong enough to stand up. The Made in France ambassador is categorical: “ It is he (Emmanuel Macron) who will put Madame Le Pen in power “.

François Ruffin: Emmanuel Macron’s behavior is “no longer tolerable”

The rebellious deputy, François Ruffin, lambasted the attitude of the President of the Republic in an interview given to the World . François Ruffin declared that he was no longer in power over the behavior of Emmanuel Macron. ” This man, Macron, who decides alone, for all of France, it is no longer tolerable. I can not stand him anymore “.

In the National Assembly, he declared that he would no longer obey, a shocking declaration which he specifies: ” It doesn’t mean that I will do anything, but I no longer accept to play “Manu said”: “Manu said ‘8 pm curfew’”, then 6 pm, then 7 pm… “Manu said ‘no right to go more than a kilometer’”, then 10 km. “Manu said ‘students in zoom'” then “Manu said” you have the right to one day of face-to-face “”, etc.