Monochrome decoration: advice and limits of the concept

When you remodel a room and it comes down to painting, isn’t the first question that comes to your mind usually “what color?” “. And sometimes it is not easy to answer such a question. We walk into a DIY store, swollen with enthusiasm by this large selection of paints, and we find ourselves facing the shelves, completely overwhelmed by all these options, which seem identical to us and which are nevertheless different. Did you know there could be so many shades of white? So where do you start?

One way to make your job easier is to avoid having to coordinate multiple colors and design your room with a monochrome color palette. It’s an incredibly simple way to bring elegance to your home even without hiring an interior decorator or designer. See why using just one color palette is a great choice, and let’s see how to create that monochrome universe in no time. The unanswered question is still: “So, what color?” “

Why opt for a monochrome decoration?

Monochrome easily creates harmony, since it is a single basic color. By choosing a monochrome color palette, you have your red thread right from the start, the element that will bring consistency to your decoration. Monochrome simply means that you take a base color and create a range of hues by playing around with the different shades that can be inspired by the original. If you are starting to take an interest in interior design, it can seem intimidating to make one piece the same color. After all, you have to take into account the color of the floor, that of the walls and that of the furniture … Tell yourself that monochrome will guide your decisions and allow you to be consistent.

You may be wondering if, after all, a decoration should not consist of several colors? Yes and no. Now you know that the colors you use to fill your rooms impact you psychologically. While bright colors like orange can provide a much needed burst of energy, and earth tones make you feel more grounded, sticking to a color scheme helps create a calming and restful environment. Look no further for website design: it has been proven that a monochrome background is much easier to read than another. The brain has less information to process and is thus able to focus better on content. You can follow this same principle and use a single color palette to showcase the best features of your room.

Since monochrome designs have a visually relaxing effect, they are often used in spaces that need a calming “extra”. Bedrooms are, of course, a great option, as is your home office. But you can easily adopt the monochrome attitude in your bathroom. Enough to transform it into a spa! Or in the playroom of your children, who are full of energy.

Monochrome decoration: tips for setting up a

Does the expression “monochrome decoration” still scare you? You have in mind a room where the sofas blend into the walls and each element in the room has the exact same shade. Think again: monochrome interior design offers more than just one shade. Since the shades in your interior will tend to blend together, texture and pattern are the easiest, and often the cheapest, ways to add visual interest. It is still necessary that the monochrome is really one. There is no question of marrying two colors that do not reflect the same shade, once exposed to light. Your shades should be similar. However, again, you can play with patterns and textures.

And don’t forget that everything, absolutely everything, doesn’t have to be the same color. You can opt for neutral and complementary colors. So focus on highlighting your main color with a variety of neutrals. You have the right to add touches of white or black to your main color. This will give your eye a place to rest from the main shade. Natural materials make good neutrals. You can place a nice wooden cabinet in your bedroom or have a set of state-of-the-art metal chairs in your dining room so that it really stands out.
Monochrome decoration is the subject of heated debate. Some find it too easy to implement. When others find it sublime when it is successful. They see it as the epitome of easy-to-implement elegance.

Monochrome decoration: what are the limits?

Some are satisfied with other colors. Others cannot stand it. It is true that a single color limits the space. By excluding all the others, it can give your room a confined feel. Monochrome colors in decoration are, by their very nature, devoid of contrast. You can’t fall back on a touch of other color. Monochrome decoration therefore requires a lot of creativity. Otherwise, lacking in contrasts, the decoration becomes boring. Conversely, don’t be tempted to stray from your monochrome color scheme. Monochrome decoration is a 100% commitment. To bring nuance to your decoration, remember that you have many options: use darker shades, lighter shades and more gray tones of the chosen color. This can bring depth to your space as a whole.