Monochrome looks, how to use? Best inspirations for you – Fashion

First of all, we know that the fashion world is always reinventing itself, however, there are compositions that are timeless, such as monochromatic looks.

Still, some people have a certain fear of using them, however, it is worth remembering that it is not always bad to go out with a look all in one color.

At first, the most common models of monochromatic looks are black, jeans, and white, the latter, mainly, at New Year’s parties.

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However, it is important to note that a wardrobe does not live only in black clothes, does it? Sometimes it is good to give some color to some compositions, but for that, you need to know a few tricks beforehand.

Benefits of monochrome looks

In addition to being timeless, as we said earlier, monochromatic looks are versatile, give a better appearance to your figure, and help balance the silhouette. In the same way, this happens as a consequence of the standardization of colors, causing a line effect on the body, which ends up stretching the woman’s silhouette.


First of all, it is worth remembering that even if they are the same or similar colors, a one-color look doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll get all the pieces of the same color and wear them, you need to pay attention to the balance of the pieces and if they have harmony. As well as for bags, shoes, and accessories.

Tips for using monochrome looks

Before putting together your look, see just these tips for you to rock your compositions.

Tom on Tom Pinterest

Initially coined in France, the term ton sur ton, simply means overlapping pieces with the same color, but with different shades. In other words, abuse analogous colors.

Bet on Pinterest textures Farol da Bahia

Even if the colors are similar or the same, bringing a different texture in a particular piece of your look gives a greater richness to your composition. Therefore, bet on different types of fabric, such as cotton, knit, wool, and leather. In cases of jeans, opt for different washes that overlap without causing awkwardness.

It’s time for that Not Jess Fashion accessory

As the whole look is following a unique pattern of colors, you can invest in that bib accessory. That’s right, that different max necklace or that bigger earring can be wild when it comes to making your look more modern and stylish.


Ahh, handbags, eventually, also go into that item. With monochromatic looks, you can bet on bolder and different bags, as well as textured and printed ones. These accessories often serve as a break from the unity that a garment made up of a single color can bring.

Pattern? Gift! Vogue The Blithful Bomb

Sometimes it can be part of common sense that monochrome looks are always composed of smooth pieces. Ledo mistake. Some of the best compositions, as well as the smooth ones, are based on the colors present in the prints, causing a beautiful and super elegant effect. But it is worth mentioning, to put together a look like this one needs a little more patience and smartness, especially when it comes to harmonizing the colors.

In other words, always look for references from fashion professionals and bet on similar colors.

Meet your skin tone Viss Hairdressers

Finally, to make your look even more beautiful, it’s worth knowing your skin tone. After all, it also influences how the colors of your monochromatic look will be perceived. Today, many image consultants work with color perception services. They try, through some tests, to help you find the best colors to highlight not only without skin tone, but your eyes and hair.

If this is not an option, take several clothes, of different colors and go testing. It is very noticeable when a color does not suit you very well, however, it is always worth remembering, that all of this is a matter of your choice. If you liked the piece, don’t limit yourself to what you should or shouldn’t use.

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