More work to improve gender equality in the company – EconomyMorning

Equality between men and women is still far from being a reality in the business world. The annual index of the Ministry of Labor further underscores this.

For 2021, 53 companies with more than 250 employees receive a score of less than 75 points in the gender equality index. These will be contacted by the regional labor departments to improve the situation but, if necessary, sanctions may be imposed: the fine may amount to 1% of the payroll … Elisabeth Borne specifies that eleven financial penalties have been imposed. been drawn up last year. More generally, the average score for all companies has increased by one point from one year to the next, this is the sign of a dynamic, welcomed the Minister of Labor in Le Figaro.

Financial penalties

This score out of 100 is based on five criteria: the pay gap between women and men, the gap between annual increases, the gap in promotions, increases upon return from maternity leave (an obligation since 2006) and the presence of women among the highest salaries in the company. Each of them counts as a certain number of points. Companies with more than 250 employees must publish it since 2019, those with between 50 and 250 employees since March 2020. 70% of companies (with more than 50 employees) published their score this year, or 11 points better than in 2020.

Few women in the leadership

Only 2% of companies have a perfect score. The increases upon return from maternity leave are not respected for 13% of them. 43% of companies with more than 1,000 employees have fewer than two women in the top ten salaries (only a quarter of them show near parity). A bill could impose quotas for women in management organigrams. Since 2019, 17,500 company interventions have been carried out on the subject. 300 were ordered to improve the situation.