Mother’s Day, Father’s Day: What if the best gift was to allow them to age well at home? – EconomyMorning

By 2030, a third of the French population will be over 60 years old[1]. The vast majority – 90% – of seniors want to be able to age at home.

Being able to respect this choice is a major social issue, which involves mobilize different actors : families, of course, but also public authorities, departmental councils, local communities, … and home help structures. Indeed, frailties due to old age generally require support, whether punctual or regular, to perform daily tasks.

Since 1991, Age d’Or Services has been a pioneer in home support and the well-being of seniors. Within this network of personal services, all share the same conviction: aging well means being able to age at home.

Today, Age d’Or Services wishes to introduce families to the range of solutions that will allow them and their loved ones, to calmly consider home support. As Mother’s and Father’s Day approaches, isn’t it a great gift to offer your mom and / or dad the means to stay at home in conditions that not only guarantee their safety, but also their comfort and well-being?

Offer home help services: gentle attention to embellish everyday life

Age d’Or Services agencies offer a complete range of services adapted to the needs and desires of seniors, available individually or in “bundle” offers, to be “well supported”, “well secured” and “well installed”. Delivery of varied and balanced meals, support for walks, conviviality visits, help getting up and going to bed, washing or eating, but also housekeeping, administrative and IT assistance, gardening, DIY… One of the characteristics Age d’Or Services is to offer truly tailor-made services, personalized according to individual expectations. In this way, the people helped derive more benefit from the service, which contributes to their physical and moral well-being. Maintaining a positive state of mind is essential to maintain the best possible independence.

Beyond service, maintaining social ties

Calling on a network experienced in helping seniors such as Age d’Or Services means choosing competent and involved professionals who have the fulfillment of their mission at heart. For 30 years, Age d’Or Services trains workers in the “caring” professions. Speaking with good humor and benevolence, acting with gentleness and patience, adapting to people and circumstances, are skills as important as the professionalism of technical gestures.

At each intervention, Age d’Or Services workers ensure the well-being of the senior and his safety, and are able to alert relatives if they deem that the situation of the person being helped so requires. This benevolent presence is also, for some seniors, the opportunity to maintain link by interacting with the worker, but also by maintaining or regaining a social life; walks or errands in the neighborhood (arm support), visits to relatives (vehicle support), videoconference with the grandchildren (computer assistance), etc. Thus, the Age d’Or Services network reassures remote or busy family circles, by playing the role of a a real relay that watches over their elderly parents and takes care of them.

An original gift, for a family project

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can become a headache when seniors don’t show a particular desire. To please, it can take the form of a pretty bouquet, of course, but it can also be a daily life embellished by little attentions : a creative leisure activity with the housekeeper, a shopping trip, the decoration of a beautiful table for a visit …

Our network is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Thirty years of experience which have taught us to better understand and anticipate the specific needs of seniors, by building a range of services which allows seniors to age at home as pleasantly as possible, serenely and in complete safety.

Our agencies are available to families to present them with the various support options offered by Age d’Or Services, and to set up an original gift for these holidays: a personalized personal services program, which will be the occasion of a pleasant discovery for moms and dads.

1 Source: INSEE.