Motorways: cheaper tolls when there is roadworks – Economy

The deputy La République en Marche, Julien Borowczyk, has tabled a bill in which he wants toll prices to be lowered in the event of work that does not allow motorists to drive at 130 km / h.

A reassessment of toll prices

Motorway tolls that cost you less when sections of the road are under construction, do you dream of them? Julien Borowczyk too. The LREM deputy of the Loire tabled a bill aiming to lower toll prices when sections of the motorway under construction do not allow motorists to drive at 130 km / h.

Sure RTL, the deputy specifies his project: ” I want to change the rates when there is work on the motorway, not accidents because the motorway concessionaires have nothing to do with it “. According to him, this reduction in prices should compensate for the loss of time and safety of motorists: “The highway is to make a safer, faster journey »He recalls before adding:« when there is work, this service that we pay is not fully rendered, especially when you accumulate 10 or 20km of work on a section “.

An obligation to work on highways

Thus, to compensate for this loss of time and security, Julien Borowczyk proposes to charge the latter to the final price of the toll. The reduction would thus be calculated according to the importance of the work encountered by the motorist during his journey. Faced with this proposal, the question arises of the reaction of the motorway concessionaires. Can they stop doing work to avoid being impacted by lower prices?

As part of their concession contract signed with the State, concessionaire companies have a maintenance obligation portions of the motorway entrusted to them in exchange for the collection of a toll. Thus, the concessionaire companies of the French motorway network will not be able to stop work to avoid being impacted by this law, which is still in the process of being proposed.