Mr Trump will have to pay nearly $ 8 million to recount the votes in Wisconsin

Mr Trump will have to pay nearly $ 8 million to recount the votes in Wisconsin

If President Trump wants to recount the votes in Wisconsin, where he is led by candidate Joe Biden more than 20,000 votes, he will pay the state 7.9 million.

The election staff counts the US President’s votes sent by mail. (Source: Reuters / VNA)

Sputniknews reported that on November 16, the Wisconsin Electoral Commission of America announced that President Donald Trump had to pay the state $ 7.9 million by November 18, if he wanted to check the number of votes. in Wisconsin, where he was led by candidate Joe Biden by more than 20,000 votes.

The statement reads: “These estimates are significantly higher than the actual cost of the 2016 vote count, but we take into account factors that did not appear four years ago, including space demand. to allow for public monitoring and social distance, security for those spaces, higher number of absentee ballots, tight timeframes over holidays, and hiring high-speed ballot scanner. “

“17:00 on November 18 is the deadline for presidential candidates who want to appeal to submit their applications for recounting and payment of payment,” the statement said.

Before that, on November 15, the President Donald Trump asserted that he would soon file a lawsuit against “big cases” challenging the results of the US presidential election on November 3 that the media said the victory belonged to the Democratic candidate, he Joe Biden.

In a statement on Twitter, President Trump did not specify what lawsuits his campaign team will pursue, but stressed that these cases will soon be promoted to demonstrate “unconstitutional 2020 election and violations aimed at changing results. vote”./.