Mutual for my already sick cat? Who has good insurance?

Your cat is sick and the veterinary expenses are linked. Do you regret not having taken out a mutual insurance for your pet? Know that it is always possible to insure it.

More and more French owners of a dog or a cat find it difficult to cover veterinary expenses. Taking out insurance allows you to watch over your animal while saving on the veterinary budget. Some mutuals include other particularly useful services such as assistance guarantee. But what if your pet is already sick? Explanations.

Cat health insurance: how does it work?

The mutual insurance for cats represents a strategic choice for the owners. This financial protection ensures that you can meet the veterinary needs of your animal. Several formulas are offered depending on the desired level of coverage: economical, intermediate, premium. It is imperative to choose a mutual fund adapted to your animal. For example, if you have a kitten, their needs are different from those of an older cat. His lifestyle should also be taken into consideration.

More specifically, once the mutual insurance is subscribed, you just have to present the care sheet provided by the insurer to the veterinarian during the consultations. This document and a copy of the invoice must then be sent to the insurer who will reimburse you for all or part of the costs advanced, depending on the formula chosen. Payment is made a few days later while your file is being processed.

Simple and quick to subscribe, mutuals reassure owners. However, several membership conditions are imposed by insurers.

Why insure my already sick cat?

It helps to insure your already sick cat for several reasons. First of all, this one is not immune to a new disease. Veterinary costs unrelated to the disease already declared and occurring after the subscription will therefore be covered. Second, some cats tend to endanger themselves more than others. To prevent any accident, it is therefore better to take out a mutual insurance for your animal. Many formulas include a prevention package. This is an amount allocated each year to the owner that can be used to pay for vaccination reminders, antiparasitic treatments or certain comfort products.

How can I insure my animal that is already sick?

Do you want to subscribe to a mutual insurance for your already sick cat? This blanket isn’t just for healthy pets. Indeed, some insurers offer specific formulas providing coverage of veterinary care for sick cats. Most of these offers remain affordable. So, all you have to do is compare the chat mutuals online and make several free quote requests to get the best deal.

If you are unable to make a choice among the various cat mutuals offered, do not hesitate to contact an advisor who will direct you to an offer adapted to the needs of your pet.