My cat does a lot of stupid things: how to react?

Did your cat just do something stupid? You caught him in the act or saw the damage after the fact, but anyway he is the only culprit of what you just discovered.

Some silly things a kitten or cat can do include needing outside of the litter box, scratching fabrics or furniture, scratching plants, breaking objects, stealing food, and more.

How to react when your cat does something stupid? Follow the instructions!

Why is your cat doing stupid things?

First of all, be reassured, your cat does not do anything stupid to annoy you, but to satisfy his instincts while he is locked up. In the majority of cases, all you have to do is meet your needs to avoid nonsense.

Since prevention is always better than punishment, anticipate as much as possible the silly things he might do in order to avoid them. This involves simple actions:

  • Clean its crate regularly: you should have one litter box per cat, clear it out every day by removing urine and stool, and thoroughly clean it at least once a week,
  • Offer him a cat scratching post: you should have a scratching post for your cat, in a place easily accessible to him and on which he can stretch his body fully,
  • Offer him a cat tree: thanks to a cat tree, your cat can climb and stand high, without breaking the objects on your furniture,
  • Offer him toys and love: thanks to the toys and your presence, your cat will not get bored, so he has neither the time nor the inclination to attack your objects for distraction,
  • Offer him catnip: your cat scratches the earth and chews your plants, offer him catnip so that he can purge himself and not attack your houseplants,
  • Leave him food and drink available: your cat, except for veterinary exceptions, should never have his water and food bowls empty, because he manages his diet during the day.

As you will have understood, this series of measurements aims to increase the well-being of your cat so that he is much less tempted to do stupid things. If despite everything, one or more faulty behaviors remain, read the following paragraph.

How to teach a cat not to do stupid things anymore?

First of all, even if it’s obvious, we can’t repeat it enough, violence is absolutely useless! The cat learns from an early age by imitation by observing its mother. If this stage was too short, its socialization is not complete, and it is therefore up to you to take over.

With this in mind, every silliness must be associated with an unpleasant event, so that your cat learns from experience. If, for example, he climbs on a piece of furniture that is forbidden to him, you must associate this piece of furniture with an unpleasant event, without him knowing that it comes from you.

Here are some techniques, to use with every mistake, it’s up to you to see which one works best for your cat and / or which is the easiest for you to implement:

  • Use a water spray bottle to sprinkle it: no need to deceive it, a few drops are enough for the sensation to be unpleasant,
  • Make an unpleasant noise: suddenly turn on the music, use a whistle, slam a door,
  • Blowing on the cat: it is a natural behavior of its mother to show her disapproval, which you can reproduce, preferably with a bellows,
  • Throw an object in his direction: it can be a pillow, newspaper, as long as it doesn’t hurt him, just to surprise him.

In any case, it is essential not to yell or hit your cat. He should not associate the unpleasant event with his master. Indeed, he might be afraid of you.

If, despite all your good will, your cat persists and repeats the same silliness over and over again, it is possible that his bad behavior is the result of stress. Do not hesitate to consult your veterinarian to appease him, or a feline behaviorist to better understand his attitude.

You now have the instructions for reacting well in case of stupid things from your cat! If you have others, do not hesitate to share them with our readers …