My dog ​​is afraid of fireworks, what should I do?

Every summer, and even throughout the year, fireworks are fired throughout France. Even if you like to admire this light show, the noise it generates is still impressive. Moreover, your dog does not appreciate fireworks at all: he is even very afraid of them! How to deal with a dog paralyzed by noise? Here are all of our tips.

Shelter your dog during fireworks

For July 14, August 15 or even the festivities of your town, you have thought of taking your dog. If he’s afraid of fireworks, that’s a terrible idea. The loud sound of the shots will generate a lot of stress in the animal. For them, fireworks and firecrackers are a danger! At best, your dog will be distant, scared, and snuggle up in your legs. But sometimes, your dog can have an unforeseen reaction: aggression, running away …

To reduce the risks, it is essential to protect your animal. If you know that your dog is afraid, you should not take him with you to the location where the fireworks will be fired. Leave it at home, where it has its bearings. If your dog is a puppy, this advice applies in particular! It is forbidden to take a young dog because he can be traumatized by the deafening noise of fireworks.

If the noise can be heard from your home, consider creating a shelter for your dog. Thus, he can hide to protect himself and feel safe. Of course, we avoid leaving our dog in the garden where he could panic. If you have an education or transport cage, then leave it available to your canine. He can take shelter there.

Leave your dog alone

If during the fireworks display your dog leaves for shelter, do not go looking for him. He needs to be alone. Even if you try to reassure him by speaking softly or hugging him, you won’t be able to reduce his stress. Better to retire! Once the fireworks display is over, your dog will come back on his own. It should also be noted that if you try to reassure your dog, he can understand that there really is a danger. It is better to act normally.

Divert his attention

If your partner is feeling bad, and ignoring him isn’t working, you can change your strategy and try to distract his attention. How to proceed ? Here are some ideas.

  • You can feed him. If you fill his bowl, your dog will think about the meal and more about the fireworks. If your dog is a foodie, this solution is the best!
  • You can give it a bone to occupy it. This alternative requires a bit of anticipation. If you know a fireworks display is on the way, go get a bone from the butcher.
  • You can put on some music or turn on the TV. The noise will attenuate that of the shots.
  • You can give your dog a command. Thus, he will be focused on what you asked him to do and no longer think about the noise.

Betting on painkillers to soothe your dog

If the detonations of fireworks are a phobia for your pet, it may be wise to opt for painkillers. Several solutions are available to you. You can bet on natural painkillers. Among them are pheromones. They are diffused thanks to a spray. Sometimes it is possible to choose a necklace that generates these famous chemicals naturally produced by the body.

You can also make an appointment with your veterinarian to get a prescription for painkillers. These can take the form of tablets to be given at the time of the meal, or of gel that is applied behind the ear, taking care to massage the animal. Do not hesitate to ask your veterinarian for advice, this professional can give you valuable information on the behavior to adopt during a traumatic event such as fireworks.

Prepare the animal from an early age

It is possible to desensitize a dog so that it reacts less to the sounds of detonations. To achieve this, there are CDs with everyday noises like the car, the horn, the storm, a broken glass or detonations. The first few times, you will have to put the CD with a reduced volume. Gradually, you can increase the volume so that it is close to reality. This is beneficial because the dog really gets used to noises.

Vigilance: the key to success

When fireworks are fired, vigilance must be present and above all constant. Watch your dog and depending on his attitude, adapt yours. It is very important to prevent the leak. If your dog runs away due to stress, he will not pay any attention to the path taken. He can travel more than 10 kilometers and get lost.

It is essential to proceed with the identification of your dog. This approach is not just a precaution, it is an obligation! It is made possible by a tattoo made up of numbers and letters. This is carried out during the sterilization of the animal at the level of the ear or on the inside of the thigh. It is also possible to identify a dog using an electronic chip. This is the size of a grain of rice, it is injected under the skin.

In any case, remember one thing: if you love your pet, you must respect its well-being. Because you know your dog better than anyone, you will find a way to deal with his panic during fireworks.