Need a plumber urgently: 6 mistakes not to make

It has happened to almost everyone: one of your pipes breaks and immediately puts your kitchen under water. You call a professional urgently, and they take advantage of your stress, even more so if it is in the evening, on weekends or on a holiday. Need to call a plumber urgently? However, take a few moments to avoid certain mistakes. Even if your garage is underwater or your toilet is clogged, be sure to bypass any scams. In emergency situations, unreliable plumbers will always be tempted to jack up their prices. How can you protect yourself from these rogue professionals and what should you watch out for in the event that you need to call a plumber in an emergency?

1 – Do not anticipate the situation

Sometimes you can’t do without an emergency plumber. In this case, it is useful to have anticipated and sought the contact details of an efficient and honest professional. For example, find a plumber who does not charge exorbitant prices on evenings, weekends and holidays. The best solution to find one is your circle of acquaintances. If a claimant does well in one case, they are likely to work well in another. Otherwise, try professional directories or online portals where comments are presented. Then save their number in your cell phone or somewhere handy in an emergency.

2 – Do not agree on the price over the phone

Better to hire a local plumber who is not far from where you are than a large company or group. Because one will inevitably intervene more quickly than the other. Knowing where you are talking to is one of the first questions to ask. The best solution is a firm flat-rate price for the entire work, which also includes travel costs and any surcharges.

3 – do not stick to what has been agreed

Before you sign an invoice, it’s important to take a hard look at the different elements. You do not have to agree to arrangements that have not been agreed upon. You can delete these passages. You cannot be forced to pay cash either, unless you and the plumber have agreed in advance. It is also not recommended to be accompanied to the nearest cash dispenser by the professional!

4 – Do not check if your plumber is insured

In the building and public works sector, as elsewhere, insurance is essential. It is obligatory. An insured provider is not only more reliable and credible, but it is a professional who covers you in the event of faulty work or an accident. With a plumber who is uninsured, you take more risks, and those can end up costing you dearly.

5 – do not appear confident and determined

If the service provider threatens you, you should call the police. Because coercion is punished by law. In critical situations, you can also call a neighbor for support. In an emergency, ask the plumber to leave your property. If it does not comply, it risks criminal consequences.

6 – Do not follow the work during the intervention

Even if you don’t know the trade, or what the plumber is going to do, keep an eye on their work. Monitor the progress of what he is doing. Make sure that he does not offer you additional services that are unnecessary.