Netflix: a test in the United States to block shared accounts

Netflix is ​​currently testing a system to block account sharing, which allows users to enjoy content from the streaming platform for less. It is as much loss of profit for the company …

The trick is as old as Netflix: a subscriber shares his account with members of his family, relatives or even with friends. The latter can therefore take advantage of thousands of programs from the video-on-demand subscription service without a free purse. Netflix has long turned a blind eye to this practice, because it is also a means of recruiting future subscribers. According to recent studies, account sharing is practiced by 30 to 40% of subscribers to streaming platforms (Netflix therefore, but also Disney + are among the most affected). Although not all of these users will necessarily turn into subscribers, this represents a shortfall for SVOD services.

Netflix shared account: all users must live in the same household

Netflix has launched a test that involves a handful of users in the United States. When they connect to the service, a message is displayed asking them to identify themselves a second time, by receiving a code by SMS or by e-mail. It states that the account can only be used by users who live in the same household as the person paying for the subscription. A condition present in the conditions of use of the service, but Netflix has never used it until now to police.

A test of the conditions of use of the video-on-demand platform soon in France?

If this test proves successful, it is likely that the company will deploy this new system very widely, and why not in France. A delicate question remains to be answered: do only family members live under one roof? It is a very restrictive view of the family, knowing that one or more of its members may live elsewhere for very valid reasons (for studies, a job…).