Netflix sees its net profit multiplied by 1.5

Decidedly, the extraordinary craze for leisure at home, thanks to the confinements decreed across the world, has been a boon for Netflix. In 2020, the Los Gatos firm was able to multiply its net profit by 1.5.

Netflix: net profit up 47% in 2020

If the Covid-19 epidemic has made some winners, they are to be sought, among others, on the side of companies that have allowed us to entertain ourselves while staying at home and thus preserve a psychological balance. Among them, Netflix has undoubtedly a place of choice. This craze of Internet users around the world for watching films and series in the privacy of their bedroom or living room has been a boon for the company founded by Reed Hastings: in 2020, its net profit has multiplied by 1 , 48 ($ 2.7 billion versus $ 1.8 billion). This performance is all the more remarkable given that, over the same period, turnover only increased by 1.24 ($ 24.9 billion compared to $ 20.1 billion in 2019).

The region that saw its turnover jump the most was Asia-Pacific (+ 61.4%): in 2020, Netflix achieved a turnover of $ 2.3 billion, against 1 , 4 billion in 2019. In Europe-Africa-Middle East, the jump was a little less important, but still spectacular (+ 40%): 7.7 billion dollars against 5.5 billion in 2019. Some progress is also to be noted in North America. South (+ 12.9%): 3.1 billion dollars against 2.7 billion.

Netflix: more and more subscribers, all over the world

In 2020, Netflix garnered 37 million new subscribers. The rate at which new subscribers were recruited was the most impressive in Asia Pacific: + 57% over one year, bringing the total number to 25.4 million. In Europe-Africa-Middle East, the number of subscribers increased by 28%, to a total of 66.6 million as of December 31, 2020.

On the occasion of this financial publication, Netflix also announced that it has set itself the objective of increasing the operating margin by approximately 3% each year. In 2020 it stood at 18%. As for the production of its own films, Netflix wants to be ambitious there too: in 2021, the firm intends to release one original film per week. 500 tracks are currently in post-production.

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