Netflix: watch out for this new phishing campaign targeting France – teller report

The leader in streaming video, which has also announced a program of new record creations for 2021, is once again the target of hackers. At least, his clients are. And with 200 million active paying customers, according to 2020 data, hackers have plenty to do …

Identifier theft to resell them on the DarkWeb

The technique, identified by the cybersecurity firm Proofpoint and relayed by Clubic, is generally still the same: creating a wave of panic among the least informed Internet users to provoke a spontaneous and dangerous reaction.

In this case, according to Proofpoint, a phishing campaign impersonating Netflix has been identified. Started at the end of 2020, it continues at the start of 2021 … and it aims to obtain the Netflix identifiers of the victims. These credentials will then be resold for a few dollars on the Darkweb, resulting in people logging into stolen accounts and being able to enjoy Netfilx without paying a subscription.

No, your Netflix account has not been suspended

To trap Internet users, hackers use a proven technique: that of the email announcing an account suspension. The email announces that the account has been suspended and invites Internet users to reactivate it by clicking on a link that refers to a fake site. There, the hackers ask the Internet user to enter his identifiers… which will be recorded.

Of course, the account was not suspended … and anyway we should not panic. It is possible to contact Netflix customer service to resolve this type of problem, or to re-register. But everything happens on the official website of the company.

Simple technique, too, so as not to fall into the trap: in case of doubt, you connect to your Netflix account and … you check if the account is still active. Netflix is ​​not an essential service like electricity or the Internet might be: no need to panic, any problem can be solved without urgency.

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