New investors for Celonis and its new series D fundraiser

1 billion dollars is the amount of fundraising made by Celonis, leader in Execution Management, an evolution of process mining. Here’s what its about.

Celonis, the unstoppable rise to power

Founded in 2011, this German firm has created a real technological innovation: process mining. With its innovative platform, it has over the years been able to attract prestigious clients and retain them. It is a new fundraising of a billion dollars which has just been carried out in the middle of the year 2021, bringing the valuation of Celonis to 11 billion dollars.

New investors like Durable Capital Partners LP and T. Rowe Price Associates joined Franklin Templeton, Splunk Ventures and other organizations.

According to Carsten Thoma, co-founder of Hydris and Celonis board observer, Celonis is in the best position to lead the Execution Management market. Today, Celonis is leveraging its process mining capabilities to pave the way for the Execution Management market and change business processes. The Execution Management System (EMS) offers companies a new way to manage their end-to-end business processes relying primarily on data and AI.

An end-to-end journey

Since the creation of process mining, Celonis has been tracing its path to highlight business process issues. Now it’s Execution Management’s turn to step in and change business processes.

By reducing the gap between the vision of decision-makers and its execution within the company, Celonis allows its customers to achieve substantial savings and build loyalty. The firm has thus made itself indispensable to its customers. It is by tapping into the heart of the company’s processes – and its data – that Celonis is able to assert its supremacy. With such disruptive technology, the German firm has recorded triple-digit growth for 10 years.

Celonis AI: a fast-growing economic lever

Execution Management has become a “must-have” for all companies wishing to observe rapid results. The consulting and business integration industry is already using Celonis’ methods to bring added value to its clients.

As of April 2021, thanks to the Execution Management Without Limits program, Celonis process mining products have been marketed to millions of consultants to help their respective clients.

A number of runtime applications and various management software are currently developed or under development to meet growing demand around the world. The fourth fundraising will be invested in R&D and used for the design of new models and for the deployment of these tools around the globe.