New positive signals on trade negotiations between UK and EU

Sources from the European Union (EU) said the trade agreement between the UK and the EU is likely to be reached in the next few hours after solving the biggest problems.

Illustration. (Source: AFP / VNA)

On December 23, an unnamed European Union (EU) diplomat said the UK-EU trade deal is likely to be reached within the next few hours.

According to the source, EU member states will have to approve the provisional application of the agreement expected to take effect from 1 January 2021, as the European Parliament (EP) will not have enough time to ratify the agreement. standard. Another EU diplomat stressed that the deal was almost reached, the announcement was sooner or later. For his part, the British Government source confirmed that the negotiation was still going on.

Meanwhile, The Sun newspaper reported that the post-Brexit trade agreement between the UK and EU will soon be completed. Negotiators from the UK and EU are hoping to finalize the 2,000-page agreement on the afternoon of December 23 or December 24 (local time), but divergent regarding the electric vehicle issue that is preventing the two sides from reaching an agreement.

The UK left the EU from January 31, but the two sides maintain the old relationship model until the end of 2020 to conduct negotiations on future relations. However, the prospect of reaching the agreement is not clear when it is less than 10 days that the UK officially severed all ties with the EU, but the two sides still disagree on the issue of EU fishing rights in the regions. British sea and regulations aim to create a level playing field for both sides business.

All dense commercial exchanges and other close ties UK and EU would be severely damaged without a follow-up agreement, threatening to exacerbate the economic crisis already exacerbated by the effects of the acute respiratory inflammatory epidemic COVID-19 that both are suffering. /.

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