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Nicolas Sarkozy denounces an injustice and Carla Bruni creates controversy. Back to the political news of Thursday, March 4, 2021.

Nicolas Sarkozy promises not to give up the fight

Invited on the set of the Journal de 20h de TF1, Wednesday March 3, 2021, Nicolas Sarkozy returned to his conviction in the context of the wiretapping affair. The former President of the Republic was very combative and promised that he would not stop proclaiming his innocence.

I have been used to this harassment for 10 years and I will not lower my head, because I am reproached for facts that I did not commit. It’s an injustice, I will fight to the end for the truth to triumph “, He declared adding that he was ready to go to the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) to prove his innocence.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy creates controversy by supporting her husband Nicolas Sarkozy

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy created controversy by posting on her Instagram account a photo of support for her husband Nicolas Sarkozy, recently sentenced in the context of the wiretapping affair. Thus, Carla Bruni published a photo of Marianne in tears with the caption: ” By your side forever “. A choice of visual widely criticized since it had been created on the occasion of the attacks of November 13, 2015.

An awkwardness that Internet users have not missed. ” When you think you’re allowed everything. Indecent. Abject “,” a shame “,” born before decency », Can we read among the most sober tweets on the subject. Others are more violent in their words, not hesitating to use insults to reveal their indignation.

Anne Hidalgo elected political personality of the year by the Trombinoscope

The mayor of Paris was crowned political personality of the year 2020, during the 29th Trombinoscope awards ceremony. This prize rewards “the action and professionalism of political figures”. Anne Hidalgo shared the news on her Twitter account, saying ” very honored to have received the Politician of the Year Award “.

The president of the jury, Christophe Barbier, estimates in a press release that: ” The outgoing mayor was able to muzzle her impetuous environmental ally, marginalize the radical left and stir up the contradictions of the Walkers, in order to reduce the election to a binary choice between the too square right of Rachida Dati and the rounded angles of the new Hidalgo style “.

Bob Sinclar denounces Roselyne Bachelot’s attitude to the cultural crisis

DJ Bob Sinclar, invited Thursday March 4, 2021 on Non Stop People, denounced the attitude of the Minister of Culture Roseline Bachelot, believing that she did not listen enough to the voice of DJs in difficulty by the health crisis. ” Roselyne Bachelot took pictures with me. She stood next to me. It was cool then. But today we have to fight for us. At least give us a little window on something! When we talk about actors, musicians, we have to talk about DJs and all the professions associated with that ” .

Djs have suffered in particular for a year from the closure of nightclubs which are one of the privileged places to exercise their art with festivals for example. A situation that Bob Sinclar considers unfair: “ We are forgotten “.