Nitrites: the federation of butchers wins court action against Yuka

The Paris Commercial Court has just ruled in favor of the Fédération des Entreprises Françaises de Charcuterie Traiteur (FICT), which considered itself aggrieved by the link made by the application of nutritional information Yuka between the consumption of charcuterie products and the risk of getting cancer.

Yuka will no longer be able to display her petition when scanning a deli product

Endgame for Yuka’s activism: the famous nutritional information app has just been convicted of unfair and deceptive trade practices and denigration. Concretely, the Commercial Court of Paris considered unfounded the establishment of a direct link between the nutritional information offered by the application and its activist approach.

What is it about ? You should know that the Yuka application does not only provide information on the nutritional quality of food. When you scan the barcode of a charcuterie product, the application suggests you designate a petition addressed to Olivier Véran, Minister of Health, Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy and Finance and Julien Denormandie, Minister of Agriculture and Food.

In this petition we can read: ” The nitrites and nitrates added to our diet present a health hazard. When ingested, they can contribute to the formation of carcinogenic compounds in our stomach: nitrosamines. These substances are classified as probable carcinogens for humans (category 2A) by the International Agency for Research against Cancer (IARC), because they promote the development of colorectal cancer, the second most fatal cancer after that of the lungs, and stomach cancer “.

Adding nitrites to deli meats is still legal

If justice refrains from pronouncing on the veracity of these allegations, it ” forbids Yuka to make a direct link between, on the one hand the petition ‘Ban on nitrites’ or any call to ban the addition of nitrites or nitrates in delicatessen products, on the other hand the sheets of the Yuka application relating to cold cuts “.

In a press release, the Fédération des Entreprises Françaises de Charcuterie Traiteur (FICT), for its part, wanted to ensure that the 300 companies it represents are not doing anything illegal, they “ scrupulously respect French and European regulations “. Indeed, the ban on nitrites and nitrates added in processed meat is still at the stage of bill. And, even if it is voted this year, the deadlines are set at 2023 for the elimination of these additions of raw cold meats (Bayonne, Parma etc.) and at 2025 for cooked cold meats (ham, for example).