No health pass? 135 euros fine to the customer, 45,000 to the merchant – EconomyMorning

Wednesday July 21, 2021, then from August 2021, the Health Pass will be extended in France. An announcement that led to a rush for vaccines: nearly 3 million appointments were made in three days after Emmanuel Macron’s speech. And, now, we are starting to know the sanctions to which the most reluctant are exposed who would not want a health pass, whether it is vaccinal or via a screening test.

135 euros fine for customers without a health pass

How to enforce the obligation of health pass, especially in the restaurant sector? The latter should already keep a reminder book or force customers to scan the place QRCode associated with TousAntiCovid… but did not really do so. So the government opted for sanctions… and they are very heavy.

Random checks will be carried out in cafes, bars and restaurants… among customers. If a customer present on the premises is unable to present his sanitary pass, in digital or paper version, the police and gendarmerie may penalize. The planned fine, which must however be confirmed in law, should be 135 euros. The same as for wearing a mask or disregarding the curfew.

Restaurant owners and traders risk very high

If the client can be fined, he is doing quite well. Because the fault will mainly be that of the trader who will have authorized him to enter his establishment while without a valid health pass it will be totally prohibited.

Thus, restaurateurs who are not zealous about their customers risk a lot: a fine is foreseen for the establishment and it can reach 45,000 euros and even lead to one year of imprisonment for the person in charge. If one can imagine that, except in exceptional cases, such a sanction will not be given, the fines will undoubtedly be several thousand euros.