No tobacco day: Seita (myblu) defends vaping

Seita, the French leader in the tobacco industry, has chosen to take the vape turn with its myblu device. On the occasion of No Tobacco Day (May 31), the group published a white paper detailing the benefits of electronic cigarettes to support smokers wishing to quit smoking.

Electronic cigarettes are 95% less harmful to health than cigarettes. It is on the basis of this figure, based according to the company on more than ten years of scientific studies and defended in particular by the British health authorities, that Seita defends the evolution of its economic model towards the marketing of electronic cigarettes.

According to the white paper, 2.1 million French people are currently vaping users, 58.6% of whom alternate between cigarettes and vaping. For 56% of respondents, the choice of vape saves money, for 53% of them, it offers an alternative to smoking, 48% do so to take care of their health and 36% to avoid recovery tobacco.

Since 2013, the global vaping market has tripled. In France, it has increased by 40% since 2017 (952 million euros) and should reach 1.3 billion euros in 2023. France is also the fourth largest market in the world, behind the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.

On the occasion of World No Tobacco Day, which is held on May 31 under the aegis of the World Health Organization, Seita made a point of highlighting in particular the British example, where the smoking prevalence rate is one of the lowest in Europe due to public policies integrating electronic cigarettes and risk reduction measures into tobacco control programs.

Seita has developed and markets the closed device (without liquid filling, but with recyclable capsules) of myblu vape. One way for the historic French tobacco company to diversify its activities and prepare a new economic model in anticipation of the end of the marketing of cigarettes.

The 2021 edition of the tobacco-free day (which has been held every year on May 31 since 1987) is placed under the theme of “the dangers of tobacco to health”. According to the WHO, tobacco kills 7 million people around the world every year, or half of those who use it regularly.