“No vaccine? No restaurant! “: The electroshock took place – EconomyMorning

The presidential address of July 12, 2021 had the desired effect… but the French had to be threatened. If Emmanuel Macron said he appealed to the responsibility of the latter, as since the start of the vaccination campaign, it is ultimately the fear of not being able to go to the restaurant that will have overcome the reluctance to be vaccinated.

No compulsory vaccination for the moment … but in bed without dessert

As expected, Emmanuel Macron announced, Monday July 12, 2021, compulsory vaccination for nursing staff only ; with a deadline: September 15, 2021. After this date, there will be sanctions that were specified on LCI by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran after the presidential address: non-vaccinated caregivers ” will no longer be paid “And” will no longer be able to work “.

For other French people, if the President of the Republic mentioned the possibility of making vaccination compulsory, he preferred to stick to another strategy: that of the carrot and the stick. The Health Pass will be extended from July 21, 2021, then gradually until very few activities are accessible to the unvaccinated or to those who will not present a negative test: no train, no train. coach, no cafes, no restaurant …

In short: either the French get vaccinated, or the holidays will simply be spoiled, without there being a date on which the health pass will be lifted in France, which will probably not occur before 2022. And with the announcement, also expected, of the end of free access for PCR and antigen tests ” of comfort », Therefore those without medical prescription, from September 2021, it seems that the choice of the French was quickly made …

Explosion of appointments following Emmanuel Macron’s announcements

The electroshock took place: at 9 p.m., half an hour after the presidential address, the Doctolib site announced more than 20,000 appointments made to be vaccinated, a new record. The site had reached 17,000 appointments within minutes of the speech. More than 600,000 appointments were made in the evening, for the Doctolib platform alone.

The appointments were therefore passed like hot cakes, the French preferring to be vaccinated rather than not going to a restaurant or to the cinema. Was the reluctance towards vaccination therefore less the result of fear of the vaccine than of a lack of desire?