Nordpass unveils the list of the most hacked passwords in France

Think you have a foolproof password? You may be wrong and it could be part of the list of the most hacked passwords in France published by Nordpass.

The classic passwords among the most hacked

Is your password part of the ranking of the most hacked passwords in France and published on Wednesday 23 June 2021 by the Nordpass password manager. Unsurprisingly, in the top 10 we find classic and easy to guess passwords like “123456”, which takes the top of the ranking and which is deciphered by the hacker in less than a second. Nordpass estimates the number of users of this password at over 2 million and the number of times it has been exposed to hackers at over 23 million.

In this top 10, there are also the cousins ​​of “123456”, “123456789” which takes second place, “12345” which comes fifth and “1234561” in sixth position. For them, too, it takes hackers less than a second to decipher them. The first six letters of French and English keyboards are also among the most hacked “Azerty” comes third and “qwerty” comes fourth.

Marseille among the most hacked passwords

Strangely in the most hacked passwords of the top 10, the city of Marseille is present. Indeed, used by 198,512 people “Marseille” is ninth in the list of the most cracked passwords with a decryption duration of 1 day.

First names are also very common among the most hacked passwords but this time, in the top 100. We thus find “thomas”, “camille” or even “julie” and “maxim”. These first names as a password expose you to decryption in less than 20 minutes. Therefore, favor more complex passwords combining letters and numbers.