Office area in a child’s room: 7 planning tips

In order for your child to enjoy doing their homework or doing their activities in their bedroom, it is important to provide them with an office area suited to their needs and comfortable. However, it is not always easy to install this study space for him in his own environment, in which he prefers to play or go about his spare time. Here are our 7 planning tips for designing a nice, comfortable, pretty and pleasant office area in your child’s room.

Tip # 1: Choose a desk that’s the right size

For the comfort of your child, it is essential to choose a desk that is the right size. The correct size is for both your child’s and their bedroom. If the room is small, avoid the bulky desk which may take up too much space. Remember that the bedroom of your dear blond head is his universe; it is a place of relaxation, games and well-being. Do not impose a too big office and respect all of its needs.

Also respect your child’s height. If the office is installed from the age of 6, for the completion of the first homework, avoid planning a model that he will keep throughout his schooling and which may not be practical. It is better to go for a small office and replace it with a larger one when the time is right. Conversely, a desk that is too small can be restrictive in use for a large teenager. Consider their health and comfort by choosing a model that matches their size.

Tip 2: equip it with an adapted chair

In a narrow bedroom or simply for aesthetics, the stool solution that fits under the desk is practical. But it is not very comfortable for your child and not adapted to his growing body. To be comfortable at his desk, your treasure will need quality seating. Preferably opt for a height-adjustable chair in order to better follow the evolution of its growth, and with a backrest to support its back.

There are office chair models that are discreet and space-saving, while being comfortable. Do not compromise on this quality, it is for the health of your child.

Tip 3: put it in the right place

To set up an office area in your child’s room, you must define the appropriate location. Placing a desk against the wall is the solution most frequently adopted by parents. If space permits, it is indeed a very comfortable, ideal and functional solution. The wall can be used as a support for hanging shelves or necessary for activities and homework. In addition, this location is the least disruptive for your child, as it is the least prone to sources of entertainment.

You can also place your child’s desk facing the window. It is an ideal solution to take advantage of the light in a dark room or to optimize the space in a narrow room. On the other hand, your child will probably be entertained more often by what is going on outside.

If your child has a large bedroom, you can use the desk as a space divider, a nice way to distinguish between sleeping, playing and homework areas. The desk itself can be used as a divider or you can use bookcases for that.

Advice n ° 4: we illuminate it correctly

If the seat is essential, the light is just as important! To protect your child’s eyes, consider equipping their desk with a suitable lamp. In this case, do not prioritize aesthetics, but rather comfort. Your child will likely have to work late at his desk, plus the days are shorter in winter. The brightness drops quickly and without suitable lighting, it is difficult to concentrate!

So choose a well-lit desk lamp that he can move or modulate according to his needs, or a large halogen whose intensity he can manage.

Tip n ° 5: provide suitable and functional storage

So that the office does not quickly turn into a battlefield, storage is provided! Drawers, cupboards, shelves … multiply the types of storage to allow your child to store his little essentials more easily and also to find his belongings more quickly. Storage is also very popular when it comes to cleaning!

Tip 6: decorate it

Do not hesitate to decorate your child’s office space. Let your imagination run wild and integrate this area into your room with an aesthetic associated with the decoration of the room, while standing out to identify the place. Decorated furniture, differently painted walls, carpet on the floor… decorate the office space to make it even more comfortable and pleasant for your child.

Tip n ° 7: we associate games and leisure

Whether large or small, your child needs a desk that combines study with leisure. Indeed, the desk is not only reserved for homework, it can be used for practical work, manual activities, reading, puzzles, drawing and any other leisure activity. You can leave space there for your child to do these various activities without mixing them up. Why not reserve shelves, a cupboard or a few drawers for your games and hobbies?

Bonus tip: let him express himself!

At any age, you can involve your child in the layout of his office. Ask him for his opinion so that he can imagine this space devoted to him. He may have excellent ideas for planning and decoration. You will be sure to please him and to design a space close to his expectations, in which he will enjoy working. It’s up to you to sort it out to put aside unfeasible requests and to keep only the most comfortable!