On Ebay, 100,000 euros for a chicken nugget resembling a video game character

A net surfer auctioned off a chicken nugget, resembling a character from the video game Among Us, for $ 100,000 (€ 82,000).

A chicken nugget worth gold on Ebay

By buying his box of chicken nuggets at MacDonald’s, this Internet user had no idea he would be making a deal. And yet … on Friday, June 4, he auctioned off a chicken nugget resembling the character from the video game Among Us at a price of 100,000 dollars, or 82,000 euros.

The Internet user who calls himself Tav received over 180 bids for this nugget initially auctioned for 99 cents. The fried chicken piece has attracted the interest of many buyers as it would feature, according to them, “An indisputable resemblance” with one of the astronauts in the game Among Us. “The kind of bump on the back could represent the rucksack (…) But I did not understand how the auction has increased”, the seller told CNET. He hoped to see the auction go up to $ 50.

Among Us’s reaction

If the seller made it clear on the Ebay ad that it was food whose expiration date was coming to an end in the next few days, he promised his buyer that he would freeze and seal the product so that it kept a certain freshness.

The game’s official Twitter account Among Us commented this strange resemblance on social networks. “There is a Among Us chicken nugget for sale for $ 34,443.43 and I don’t know what to think ??? But I want it “, tweeted the game’s official account, which itself was retweeted by McDonald’s fast food chain. Internet users were all the more encouraged to purchase this nugget as it was part of a BTS menu, marketed by the fast food chain in conjunction with the K-pop group.