One man was shot to death when the Trump supporters confronted the opposition

According to the New York Times, a man was shot dead on the night of August 29 in downtown Portland amid demonstrations in support of President Donald Trump and demonstrations against police violence takes place at the same time.

On this night, a large group of supporters of US President Donald Trump marched in the city center in pickup trucks.

At an unknown time on the night of August 29, a group of pro-Trump and demonstrators opposed to the march clashed on the streets. One side shoots a paint gun from the pickup truck barrel while the other side throws objects at them.

The New York Times quoted two unnamed witnesses as saying the conflict occurred between a small group of protesters and several others sitting in a car. Some of them opened fire.

In a supposedly deadly shooting video shot from the far side of the street, it shows a small group gathering outside a place that looks like a parking lot. Gunfire rang out and a man collapsed.

Police notice on August 29 said police have not linked the shooting that happened to the protests.

“Police are investigating a murder in downtown Portland,” a Portland police spokesman confirmed. According to police, the witnesses heard gunshots in the area of 3rd Avenue Southeast and Southwest Alder Road. Police at the scene determined the location of a victim with gunshot wounds in the chest. The medical agency determined the victim had died “.

According to Reuters, the police have not released information about the suspect. They also say it is too early to conclude whether the new shootings were related to the head-to-head protests in downtown Portland.

On August 29, Portland police posted on Twitter warning of a “political rally taking place in downtown Portland” and there were “several instances of violence between two protest groups. head together.

Anti-racism and police violence protests have occurred in many states in the US since the death of George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man in May 2020, after being hit by a police officer. Minneapolis presses his knee on his neck for almost 9 minutes.

Most recently, an angry fire started again after police seriously wounded a young man of color in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 23. Subsequent protests in the city resulted in two people being shot dead, one injured, and forced the government to deploy nearly 1,000 national guards to restore order.

Tensions among rival protest groups have rioted downtown Portland almost every night for nearly three months now following Floyd’s death.

The federal government has deployed federal forces to Portland to suppress the protesters.