Online gambling does not know the crisis

For several years now, games of chance have become more democratic and their impact on the world economy is no longer to be neglected.

This boom is largely due to digitization and the development of the Internet. The web has blown up market barriers.

Human beings need to be entertained, this is part of their nature as evidenced by numerous sociological studies. For a very long time games of chance and money have had their place in societies.

The explosion of the Internet over the past decade has only heightened the human taste for this type of game.

Online casinos

The first games to appear online are those related to the casino world. It was easy for web developers to upload casino games like roulette, the dice or slot machines, technically speaking it wasn’t very difficult compared to other games which take a lot more time and skill.

Online casino sites, since their inception, have experienced almost isolating growth with record turnover. On average the game industry is growing at an annual rate of 9%, three times that of the music industry!

Upset game culture

Digital technology has completely revolutionized the consumer’s relationship with games of chance or gambling. The internet has really changed the culture of gaming.

Now playing in the casino, poker or making sports bets seems quite natural. Undoubtedly the fact of being able to connect online from any medium without having to travel has contributed to breaking down barriers and certain reluctance. Without forgetting the possibility of consuming 24 hours a day, thus responding to the demand for immediacy of our Western society.

Covid-19 effect

With the pandemic continuing to circulate and the physical distancing and containment measures it imposes, online gambling is expected to break records again this year.

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