Online gambling: turnover jumped 22% in 2020

Never before have online gambling attracted so much! In 2020, the sector recruited new audiences, while “historical” players have increased their bets, reveals the National Gaming Authority in its annual report.

Online poker has never attracted so much

Decidedly, the year 2020 will go down in history in more than one way. Among them, the unprecedented growth of online gambling. Never since 2010, the year since which online games of chance are authorized in France, has the sector recorded such a turnover: 1.7 billion euros in 2020, a jump of 22% on a year !

The type of game showing the most spectacular growth is online poker: + 64% in turnover compared to 2019, to 446 million euros. Average spending per player has increased by 7%.

Sports betting, the number one online game of chance in France today

Horse racing bets also have their record: with 1.5 billion euros, they were the game that recorded the highest volume of bets in 2020. Over one year, the increase in turnover was 33 % in 2019. The proceeds (354 million euros) also broke all records in this area for an online game of chance.

Online sports betting recorded a 7% increase in turnover. The stakes placed in 2020 on sports competitions reach 5.3 billion euros, unprecedented. The population of sports bettors continues to increase: in 2020, it grew by one million additional players. Sports betting is now by far the number one online game of chance, both in terms of the volume of wagers and in terms of player population.