Online reviews: 8 out of 10 seniors now consult them

Clearly, viewing online reviews has become a habit. If 93% of 25-34 year olds use it to choose a product or service, seniors are not left out: today, 79% of those over 65 also consult these opinions.

Seniors consult opinions a lot but place less trust in them

It was believed that online reviews were the prerogative of “digital natives”, the latest figures prove the contrary. According to the 5th barometer on the weight of customer reviews in the consumption practices of the French, carried out by the FIFG for the company Opinion System, while almost all 25-34 year-olds (93%) consult online reviews, over 65 are also very likely to do so (79%, or 4 points more than in 2019).

Among these, 71% say they give credit to online reviews, 11 points more than in 2019. Still, seniors take online reviews more with a grain of salt, since, all ages combined, the share of consumers trusting online reviews is 79%.

Consumers better differentiate between true and false reviews

The same IFOP survey tells us that consumers are well on their way to mastering the logic of detecting fake reviews. When they consult online reviews, 57% of French people pay attention to the presence of neutral or negative reviews (+3 points compared to 2019), the volume of reviews published for the same product or service (39%, +4 points), the presence of a guarantee from a third-party body controlling the opinions (38%, without change), the date of the last notices published (38%, +2 points) or their regularity (38%, +13 points).

Companies also attach importance to online reviews, a large majority of executives (74%) considering that Google reviews have now become an essential business lever. And this, whatever the size and sector of activity of the company concerned. At the same time, 84% of executives find it difficult to defend themselves against unjustified negative reviews or from false customers, and 88% find it very difficult for a consumer to tell the difference between a real one. and a fake opinion.

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