Online shopping: a solution to save money

Two in three French people have made at least one purchase on the Internet during the past year.

Buy cheaper

And in the lot, 1 in 10 buys online several times a month, if not every day. Reason number 1 cited by punctual or compulsive cyber shoppers? The simplicity. Rather than having to take their car to buy a tube of glue, a pair of shoes or anything else useful or useless, not found or not, it’s the ultra simple “I click I receive ”which triggers the act of purchase.

But very quickly behind, there is obviously another reason that motivates cyber buyers: the price. Yes, by buying online, you can often buy cheaper. The problem is, whoever sells for less online can sell for less, because they have a lot less fees and charges than traditional merchants. It is estimated that 90% of online stores listed on Amazon, Cdiscount, or Ebay pay no tax or tax in France. And for those who sell on Wish or Alibaba, it’s just 100%.

Parcels coming from foreign countries soon to be taxed

This is all set to change a bit soon, however.As of July 1, so in two months, all packages arriving from countries outside the European Union will be taxed at 20% of their value. Value which must appear on a label affixed to the outside of the package. In other words, a product purchased for 20 euros in China will be taxed up to 4 euros.

The problem is, of course, what value the sender will indicate on the package. It would be tempting to disguise reality. The other problem is the price of the shipping costs. Today, they are either offered or minimalist. We may find ourselves tomorrow with items valued at 5 euros, taxed 1 euro, with shipping costs of 10 euros. Unstoppable consequence: customs expect to go from 15 million taxed packages per year, to … 450 million. On that account, you may have to wait a very, very long time for your Chinese package.

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