Online shopping in America is booming

Total retail sales in the US rose 3% over the holiday season this year, while sales of some items online skyrocketed, according to a recent report by Mastercard.

Consumers spend longer time at home due to extended policies of working from home and distance learning in the US. Photo: AFP

According to a report by market analysis firm Mastercard SpendingPulse, US e-commerce sales soared 49% during the holiday shopping season from October 11 to December 24. This represents a major change in the role of American shopping in the Covid-19 era.

The data shows that e-commerce sales in the past holiday season accounted for 19.7% of total retail sales in 2020, thanks to the forms of online shopping and in-store receipt, and in-person shopping technology. Contact is a growth driver for retailers.

The holiday shopping season in the US typically accounts for the majority of annual sales for some retailers, but the Covid-19 crisis has left some retailers, including Walmart and Target Corp, to display limited capacity. offered in some stores, but soon launched promotions on the holidays.

The e-commerce giant Amazon pushed back its annual summer sale event to October, marking a longer holiday than ever for US retailers who had to miss out on sales for a few. week during the blockade period earlier in the year.

“This is a healthier holiday than many predicted,” said Steve Sadove, a senior adviser at Mastercard. Sadove predicts that the online shopping trend will continue to grow in 2021, and smaller retailers will also adopt new technology to bring new shopping experiences to customers.

Consumers spend longer time at home due to extended policies of working from home and distance learning in the US, which has pushed demand for home décor and home décor products. As a result, retail sales of the home furnishings category increased by 16.2%, according to the Mastercard SpendingPulse report.

Sales of electronics and home appliances increased by 6% during the holiday season, as American consumers cut spending on food, travel and entertainment, in return for spending money on shopping for other items. .

While in-store sales of apparel and jewelry declined, online sales increased by 15.7% and 44.6%, respectively.

Mastercard SpendingPulse’s report summarizes customer spending via Mastercard’s online payment channel, along with an estimate of cash spent and other forms of payment, but excludes auto sales.

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