Only 5% of French people believe that having money is synonymous with success

The Crédit coopératif unveiled Monday, June 7, 2021, its first Observatory of the meaning of money in partnership with Viavoice. This observatory highlights that only 5% of French people believe that money illustrates success.

Talking about money remains taboo

Talking about money in France is not done, and this statement will still be a reality in 2021. The first Observatory of the meaning of money unveiled Monday, June 7 by Crédit Coopératif and Viavoice highlights that if for 79% of French people money is not taboo at the individual level, it remains so at the level of society.

The purpose of this observatory is twofold. Initially, Crédit Coopératif and Viavoice intend to analyze the relationship of the French to money but also of ” understand their aspirations and intentions regarding the use of their money “. Thus, the study reveals that if talking about money remains taboo in France, 61% of people questioned would like society to evolve on this point.

Money is no longer synonymous with success

If money remains taboo in France, it is not a synonym of success either. Indeed, only 5% of French people see money as an illustration of social success. On the contrary, 70% of them ” declare that the use of their money is primarily linked to their personal values “. The social criterion of money is therefore greatly reduced.

As for the use of this money, the French are committed to responsible use. Thus, 69% of them believe that responsibility and economic performance are compatible. The study specifies that ” It’s a change of era and paradigm which enshrines the idea that performance indicators must evolve. This trend is illustrated by all age categories of the people questioned ”.

Faced with the lack of money, the French are optimistic, since if 65% believe that it can be ” the first obstacle to the realization of aspirations “, He is not the only one. Time is also a major obstacle for 32% of French people and even for 45% of young French people.