Orange crowned best mobile and Internet operator, SFR the worst

With all due respect to its competitors and detractors, Orange remains number 1. This is revealed by the results of the UFC-Que Choisir association published in number 600 of its paper magazine relayed by The Dispatch. Whether as an Internet service provider (ISP) or a mobile operator, Orange outclasses its competitors.

Orange first on the Internet, Sosh first on mobile

Low-cost or not low-cost, ISP or mobile, Orange’s supremacy is total, according to the survey conducted among customers who responded to UFC-Que Choisir in October 2021. The incumbent operator obtains in indeed the top two marks as an internet provider and mobile operator.

As an ISP, the Orange brand wins the prize, obtaining a score of 14.3 / 20 and improving compared to the score of 13.3 / 20 obtained in 2019. And the operator also captures second place in the ranking with its low-cost Sosh offer which, on fixed Internet, scores 13.8 / 20.

As a mobile operator, on the other hand, the ranking is reversed: the Orange brand loses its crown in 2020 with a score of 13.8 / 20 according to the UFC ranking… to cede it to its low-cost brand Sosh which obtains 14.8 / 20.

Free and Bouygues share the middle of the ranking

For Free and Bouygues Telecom, the ranking is mixed: Free obtains 13/20 and third place on the ISP podium, surpassing Bouygues Telecom in the wake in this 2020 ranking but remains in 5th place on mobile with a score of 12.8.

Bouygues Telecom, for its part, fell to fifth place as an Internet service provider, according to the UFC ranking based on customer reviews, with 12.3 / 20. It obtains the 6th place in the ranking of mobile operators.

SFR: the big gap between RedBySFR and the SFR brand

If there is one operator to whom the UFC ranking does not give pride of place, it is SFR. Patrick Drahi’s operator obtains the worst scores in the ranking, lower than the average, whether on fixed Internet (8.4 / 20), or on mobile (8/20). He is the only operator in the ranking with scores below the average.

Fortunately for the group, its low-cost brand RedBySFR seems to allow it to save the furniture: with a score of 12.4 / 20 for its ISP services and 13.4 / 20 for mobile offers, RedBySFR obtains the fourth place in the ranking of ISPs and even the bronze medal for mobile operators.

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