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Orange: shared Wi-Fi will stop on August 1, 2021

Orange: shared Wi-Fi will stop on August 1, 2021

Orange signs the end of its public Wi-Fi hotspots. The “shared Wi-Fi” service will end on August 1, 2021.

The glory days of Orange’s Wi-Fi hotspots have passed

After Free at the start of 2021, it’s Orange’s turn to stop its shared Wi-Fi service. From this date, it will no longer be possible to connect to public Wi-Fi (the famous “orange” hotspots) or to create one with your own Livebox.

As a reminder, for the past ten years, Orange has allowed its subscribers to connect to these “participatory” Wi-Fi hotspots scattered throughout France. This allowed the French to save the data of their package and was a customer loyalty factor for the incumbent operator. But, as the prices of mobile plans have fallen, these Wi-Fi hotspots have lost their relevance. Being Internet access points based on the Liveboxes of other subscribers, they offered a slow connection (1 Mbps) anyway. Obviously, such speeds respond more to the majority of uses that we make of the Internet today (audio and video calls, watching videos, listening to music, games).

The “orange” hotspots were popular with tourists

For Orange, in addition to the loyalty aspect, its hotspots were a source of income insofar as, without even being an Orange subscriber, it was possible to buy a “Wi-Fi Pass”. These limited and non-nominative packages, sold in Orange stores, were popular with tourists and provided Orange with an additional source of income. But, here too, the end (or almost) of roaming within the European Union has reduced the base of potential customers of its hotspots.

If it will no longer be possible to connect to its Wi-Fi hotspots, the other aspect of their extinction is that it will not be possible to activate one on its Livebox either. Note that the end of this service concerns both Orange subscribers and Sosh subscribers.

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