Orange still number 1 in mobile internet speed in 2020

Mobile Internet speeds in France are expected to increase sharply with the arrival of 5G, deployed as always as a priority in large cities and for which the price of packages will tend to drop as the network is deployed. What, perhaps, change the classification of operators in terms of speed. But for now, in 2020 Orange has still dominated, according to the nPerf barometer.

Nearly 50 Mbps downloads on average for Orange

For the fourth year in a row, Orange has the best mobile Internet network in France. The nPerf barometer gives it a score of 75,217 points, nearly 11,000 points more than its competitors, all of which have a ceiling of between 64,000 and 65,000 points.

The incumbent operator indeed offered, in 2020 according to nPerf, an average speed for all network generations combined of 49.23 Mbps for download and 9.72 Mbps for upload. On the latency side too, Orange comes first with 39.64 milliseconds.

Second in the ranking, Bouygues Telecom, with a downstream speed of 26.53 Mbps and an upward speed of 7.37 Mbps. If the downlink speed is lower than that of Free (41.45 Mbps) and SFR (32.77 Mbps), Bouygues is doing better in upstream speed and latency.

The upward trend in flows at the end of 2020

The nPerf barometer also makes it possible to identify an upward trend in flows at the end of 2020… with the arrival of 5G. Orange exceeded the 60 Mbps download mark in December 2020, while Free got closer to it. The Iliad operator saw its average downstream speed increase from around 40 Mbps in October 2020 to more than 55 Mbps in December 2020.

The specialist in the analysis of the speed of the Internet network also wishes to underline the absence of an impact, however feared, of the pandemic on the networks, in particular because of the various confinements: ” if fears of a network collapse during the 2020 lockdowns were justified, our results show that it was not. The four operators have been able to maintain excellent performance and even improve it slightly. », Concludes the barometer.

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