Order OPPO Bluetooth speaker With Reno 4

Founded in 2004, OPPO started out as an electronics manufacturer, specializing in high-end Blu-ray disc players, HiFi headphones, and high-quality amplifiers.

The brand has long won the trust and appreciation from global consumers, so we can fully count on the Bluetooth speaker with the experience in the following article.

This Bluetooth speaker model is quite fit, with a size of 100 x 68 x 85mm, just over 100 grams, light and easy to carry with you for entertainment when there are 3 color options including pink and green, in which The green version seems to be outstanding and suitable for all genders and all ages.

The more rounded design at the 4 corners helps the speaker bring a lovely and gentle feature, suitable when going “couple” with the Reno 4 with the elegant design of holding the user’s hand.

The speaker frame uses a hard plastic material, a matte finish, the front and back are covered with speaker grilles and soft fabric, giving a feeling of love.

THE front OPPO logo as well as the base part use anti-slip rubber, anti-vibration when playing music, color synchronization with the overall speaker.

The power button, as well as the speaker controls, are located on the top edge, lightly pressed and bounced, for easy operation. The button is completely floating on the common surface so it can be tactile and controlled in the dark without difficulty.

OPPO is equipped with a charging port and comes with a modern USB Type-C cable, allowing the product to be recharged with a new phone charger without worrying about the connection cord.

This is of course a big plus for this speaker model when most portable speakers priced below $86 on the market still use old micro USB ports.

Add a very “technology” and an interesting feature that the company integrates for its Bluetooth speaker – time display. Equipped with white 7-segment LEDs, the speaker can be used as a clock next to the bed or on a desk.

The time portion is hidden just below the front speaker grille, incorporating the notification when the speaker is turned on (ON) and off (OFF). The timing operation is quite simple, carefully annotated in the attached user guide.

Bluetooth speaker with a capacity of 3W, suitable for enjoying music in small rooms or quiet places. The sound quality reproduced from the speakers is truthful, vivid, and detailed, in return, the maximum volume is not loud due to the low power suitable for personal use.

The feeling of listening to music is quite “ear” thanks to the good balance between the 3 layers, giving you a complete “adventure” according to each melody. Powerful bass, creating depth for the overall sound, helping users to enjoy the music better, highlight the mids and highs.

With OPPO’s experience in the sound segment of OPPO, the new speaker model will surely satisfy customers even though the product is only “small and beautiful”.

The 8-hour continuous operation time that the company announced will be achieved when the speaker plays at 50% volume, the actual will differ depending on each person’s listening needs. The built-in 750 mAh li-ion battery is fully charged 100% after 3 hours with a standard charger of 5V @ 1A.

The speaker uses Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology for fast connection speed, multi-device compatibility, and up to 10m distance, enough to experience in the home or office without worrying interruptions.

Today, Bluetooth speakers have become an indispensable technology accessory to help young people enjoy music anytime, anywhere. With a compact design, elegant colors, this is not only a wireless speaker but also a lovely decorative desk clock.

To be able to receive unique gifts this Bluetooth speaker, hurry and order the Reno 4 smartphone from now until August 7, 2020.

In addition, when ordering Reno 4, users will also receive $21 in the machine price and 0% interest installment.

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