Outdoor gatherings of more than six people will be fined

Already prohibited by the decree of October 29, 2020, gatherings of more than six people outside will be fined, announced Tuesday March 23, 2021, the Minister of the Interior.

Verbalization of illegal gatherings

After the gathering of 6,500 Marseillais during a wild carnival, Sunday March 21, 2021, the Minister of the Interior, Gerald Darmanin, decided to toughen up the tone. In a note, sent Tuesday March 23, 2021 to the prefects, the minister first recalled that since the decree of October 29, 2020, gatherings of more than six people outdoors were prohibited. A ban that many French people have long forgotten.

Gérald Darmanin therefore asked the prefects to be stricter in the application of this health measure by strengthening controls but also by fining all violators of this measure. If the measure must be applied as a priority in the sixteen departments in very strong tension, it is intended to cover the entire French territory.

Gatherings authorized in certain cases

However, the ban on assembling more than six people outdoors and in public spaces does not affect all gatherings. Thus, Gérald Darmanin recalls that the measure does not apply to events authorized by the prefecture, nor to religious ceremonies, such as funerals. It is also possible to get together with more than six, within the framework of a professional activity or for the practice of an outdoor sport.

In addition to the reinforcement of controls for this measure in particular, Gérald Darmanin asks the prefects to be more vigilant with regard to compliance with the curfew. The prefects will also have to strengthen the controls of businesses to fight against institutions ” who open clandestinely . In the case of demonstrations, the prefects are invited to ” consider the ban as soon as the legal criteria are met “.