Outsourcing the assets / assets of its digital Workspace: a priority for companies – EconomyMorning

In recent years, actions to digitize and transform business and corporate organization have accelerated phenomenally. In this context, substantial sums are being mobilized. In this collective transformation, it is clear that the workspace is changing its face to digitalize and invest in new territories: workstations, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. The office of today and tomorrow is becoming multiple and needs to be redesigned and organized. The objective is to rely on a resilient, secure and scalable organization according to its needs.

Digital transformation: not just a matter of design

If it is obvious that the digitalization of the workspace cannot be conceived without a fundamental reflection and significant investments to constitute this new environment: hardware, software, operator contracts, etc., a part of the subject is often neglected. wrongly or poorly realized. This is the concept of piloting, outsourcing and management of this environment. Indeed, after the notion of “Build”, the issue of “Run” is essential, even vital, to allow the company to capitalize on its investments. Yes, but now, such an implementation cannot be improvised and requires relying on an industrial approach. So how do you do it?

Deploy a task force to ensure the success of your digital workspace project

On this point, many companies are trying as best they can to manage this subject internally. The problem is that these projects need to be based on very specific methodologies and expertise. This task quickly becomes complex and the project is not followed, which leads to its failure. The company should therefore not focus internally on these elements, but rather focus on its business. It is in this sense that the notion of outsourcing of assets / assets its digital workspace is a necessity.

But what does the notion of outsourcing of the digital workspace consist of?

It is a question here of having a very operational approach by entrusting the management of its stock of assets / assets to specialists in the subject who will be able to ensure that they are well maintained, that they are coherent, that the execution of contracts with its suppliers / operators is in line with the company’s expectations … The idea is to rely on an external one-stop shop which is responsible for ensuring that the workspace transformation project undertaken is a real success. The company can then concentrate on tasks with very high added value and increase the productivity of its teams.

The changes in the business model driven by General Management and Information Systems Management in digital workspace therefore require support to deliver their promises. Be careful to take this dimension into account in your project from its design and implementation.