Parental leave: less than 1% of dads take advantage of it

Full-time parental leave still does not appeal to young dads who are less than 1% to take advantage of it.

Parental leave shunned

Parental leave is different from maternity or paternity leave. Parental leave can be taken for a renewable period of one year, half of which can be passed on to the second parent. Thus, according to a study by the French Observatory of Economic Conjunctures published on Wednesday April 7, 2021, this parental leave hardly appeals to fathers of families, who are less than 1% to take full-time parental leave.

The study shows that only 0.8% of fathers take full-time parental leave while the 2015 reform aimed to increase this rate to 25%. However, even small, an increase is observed since before the reform, the latter was 0.5%. A very different rate from that of mothers who are 14% to take full-time parental leave.

Compensation too low

As for part-time parental leave, the rate of fathers taking it is higher but remains extremely low. They are 0.9% of fathers of a child to take advantage of it against 13.2% of mothers. For fathers with two or more children, the 1% threshold is exceeded, since 1.8% of them take advantage of it.

For the authors of the study, these low rates could have their origin in the low compensation offered by parental leave. Because yes, during parental leave, the salary is suspended, unless otherwise agreed, and compensation of 399 euros is substituted for it. An allowance which for a parent already working part-time is between 149 and 258 euros.

The study calls for an ambitious reform to “ reduce the gender bias that affects this device “Such as the establishment of a” compensation calculated in proportion to the salary spent “And the establishment of” information and awareness campaign “.