Paris: a first CGT union of two-wheel delivery men

After Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon, here is a first CGT union of two-wheeled deliverers was created in Paris.

Paris becomes the fourth city to have a union of two-wheeled deliverers

The Parisian delivery men of Deliveroo, Deli, Frichti and Uber Eats now have their union. Nearly 70 delivery people joined forces at the founding congress of this “CGT Syndicate of Paris two-wheel delivery” on June 26, 2021.

It is the fourth local structure for the defense of the rights of delivery people traveling by bicycle or scooter. CGT unions already existed in Bordeaux, Toulouse and Lyon… but none in Paris! Until now, Parisian delivery men had only one collective, the Collectif des Livreurs Autonomes de Platforms (and not a union), and it only concerned “independent” delivery men (micro-entrepreneurs). And yet, of all the French agglomerations, it is the Paris region which has the most salaried delivery men.

Undeclared work and social security contribution fraud top the concerns of delivery men

The ambition of this union is ” to organize the work of delivery people at the local level, to improve [les] working conditions [de ces derniers] and to work for the regularization of undocumented migrants “. The union intends to fight against the misuse of employee status, social security contribution fraud and hidden work.

As regards concealed work, employment contracts are indeed more and more common in this profession. We remember the conviction, in February 2020, of Deliveroo for having imposed a contract for the provision of services on a delivery person, even though he wanted to have an employment contract. In November 2018, another bicycle delivery company, Take Eat Easy, was sentenced for refusing one of its delivery men an employment contract, even though the platform’s rules assumed a link between subordination. A happy outcome for some delivery men, in February 2021, the Just Eat platform announced its intention to hire 4,500 delivery men on permanent contracts in France.