Paris administrative court condemns the state for its climate inaction

The Paris administrative court rendered a judgment on Wednesday February 3, 2021 in which it recognizes the state responsible for climate inaction. A victory for the climate justice campaign, the Case of the Century.

Administrative court recognizes state responsibility for climate inaction

On Wednesday February 3, 2021, the Paris Administrative Court rendered its decision in the case between the State and the climate justice campaign, the case of the century. The court ruled in favor of the associations, recognizing the state responsible for climate inaction.

The decision was eagerly awaited and is a ” historic victory for the climate ”For the four associations at the origin of the legal action. Our concern to all, Greenpeace, Oxfam and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation had launched a petition to denounce the climate inaction of the State which had collected two million signatures in two months, a record. After that in March 2019, the Affair of the Century lodged an appeal with the administrative tribunal of Paris for “Faulty deficiency” of State.

A very symbolic condemnation

On its Twitter account, The Affair of the Century reacted ” #Thecentury Affair is HISTORICAL: the climate inaction of thetat is considered ILLEGAL! This victory is thanks to you! Let us remain mobilized to go far and obtain new victories. Together we can make the État concretely for the climate! ”

If it is a victory for the Affair of the Century, the condemnation of the State by the administrative tribunal of Paris remains no less symbolic. Maitre Arnaud Gossement, lawyer specializing in environmental law specifies that in his reasoned judgment rendered on February 3, 2021, the court ” condemns thesymbolic 1 euro tat in compensation for non-pecuniary damage, rejects the request for compensation for ecological damage, gives itself 2 more months to rule on the aggravation of ecological damage “.

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