Paris airports call for strike in early July 2021

With the return of the summer holidays, the strikes also seem to show the tip of their nose. The unions of Aéroports de Paris are calling for a strike from July 1 to 5, 2021, to campaign against the fall in wages.

A strike at Paris Airports

The first wave of major departures for the summer holidays will be marked by the return of strikes. The unions of Aéroports de Paris (ADP) have called a strike from July 1 to 5, in order to protest against the fall in wages but also the establishment of a new job protection plan (PSE). The unions also want the plan to adapt employment contracts (PACT) to be withdrawn.

These different plans should lead to the abolition of several premiums. These cuts would be equivalent to a salary cut ranging from 4 to 8%. For the ADP group, it is above all a question of preserving its financial viability, greatly reduced by the health crisis. In 2020, losses of 1.17 billion euros were recorded by the group, which was hit hard by travel restrictions.

A desire for savings on the part of the ADP

In their joint strike call statement published on Tuesday, June 1, 2021, the unions believe that the various plans put forward by the ADP leadership will ” permanently remove more than one month’s salary from all employees and force them to accept geographic mobility that generates additional travel time “.

Laurent Garssine, Unsa delegate, explains that the choice of strike dates is not trivial, quite the contrary. It’s about ” first big weekend of summer departures “, He explains adding that it was also the date when” everyone resumes at 100%, there will be no more partial activity “. A situation which according to Daniel Bertone, CGT union delegate, will make it possible to ” prepare a large-scale action that will be successful “.