Paris real estate: more than 70,000 euros for two tiny properties

Parisian real estate strikes once again and exceeds the limits of understanding with the sale of two tiny properties for more than 70,000 euros.

apartments ” for sale

Do you dream of becoming an owner? Do you have 72,000 euros to invest in real estate? With this sum, you can treat yourself to a pretty 5.3 square meters in the 9th arrondissement of Paris or even if you only have a budget of 60,000 euros, a small pied-à-terre of 6.5 square meters on the Chaussée-d’Antin side. It sounds like a joke in bad taste, but these two announcements did exist.

Cnews, which relayed the information, highlights that the ads were published by the real estate agency Orpi in the fall of 2020. The agency borders on the nerve in presenting the real estate as being “ apartments “. Ads that aroused the indignation of Internet users. On Twitter, @deedji directly refers to the group of real estate agencies Orpi: “ Orpi France aren’t you ashamed? “.

Orpi France aren’t you ashamed?

Faced with the controversy, the France management of Orpi declared that an investigation would be launched: ” We will contact the agency and forward the case to our National Disciplinary and Mediation Council, which will examine it as soon as possible. “. It should also be remembered that if these properties bear the name of apartments, they are not in commendable condition since French law sets the dimensions of decent housing at 9 square meters.

In the IXth arrondissement of Paris, the average price per square meter is 11,566 euros. If we compare this average price to the advertisements, the 5.3 square meter apartment is well above the average market prices since one square meter costs 13,584 euros. As for the 6.5 square meter apartment posted 60,000 euros, it is, on the other hand, below market prices with 9,230 euros per square meter.