Parrot insurance: why take out? What price ?

The parrot is an exotic bird belonging to the psittacidae family. As part of the NAC (New Pets), it is the favorite bird of the French both for its beautiful plumage and its ability to communicate.

However, it should not be considered as an ornamental animal, but as a bird with special needs. Whether it is a cockatoo or a Gabo gray, each individual has his character and it will take time, patience and love to tame him.

The parrot seeks contact and interactions, so it can be very attached to humans as long as a relationship of trust is formed between it and its owner. For it to be in good health, it is advisable to offer it a good diet, but also a regular presence and daily activities, especially if it has no congeners.

The benefits of parrot health insurance

While parakeets live between 10 and 20 years for most species, the parrot most often lives 20 to 50 years and you will have to take the greatest care of it throughout its existence. This care includes veterinary costs which can be high.

NAC health insurance covers veterinary costs incurred for the well-being of your parrot. Based on a system similar to that of health insurance for humans, the parrot health mutual provides partial or total reimbursement of veterinary consultations, drugs, anti-parasitics, x-rays or even surgery.

The parrot is an intelligent and hypersensitive animal, quite atypical in its functioning. In this sense, he can be prone to depression, anxiety or even extremely stressed when faced with changes.

A draft, a cage that is too small, a lack of attention, a new arrival at home and your parrot loses its feathers, squeals, lacks appetite, behaves in an unusual way … It’s time to take him to the vet for a checkup!

Expenses related to the health of your parrot require the intervention of a veterinarian specializing in NAC. In practice, this type of consultation is often more expensive and the care of your bird may require therapy extending over long periods.

Parrot health and care

To best protect your pet without jeopardizing your finances, it is strongly recommended to take out dedicated health insurance. It covers this rare and demanding animal to give it the care it deserves.

Besides, if your parrot is a talking bird, it could well tell you: “Take out health insurance for me, I will probably need it one day!” “. And we have to admit that he would be right, because there are several common diseases to which this fascinating bird is exposed.

Viruses in parrots

The parrot, like other psittacidae, is sensitive to three main viruses:

  • Pacheco virus : caused by a herpes-like virus, it mainly affects parrots in Central and South America. Once infected, the parrot sees its health diminish with a virus that attacks the liver, spleen, kidneys, intestines, etc. If the bird shows mild clinical signs or is asymptomatic, it can be saved with antivirals
  • Beak and feather disease : Affecting the youngest parakeets and parrots, the bird affected by the virus can develop septicemia, depression, and abnormal feathers and beaks. If the bird cannot be cured, we can detect the disease, avoid contamination and ensure decent living conditions with antibiotics and antifungals
  • The polyomavirus: it mainly affects parakeets and parrots, but all birds are subject to it. The virus can cause diarrhea, hemorrhaging, neurological signs and of course death, like other parrot viruses.

Depression in parrots

Sensitive, a parrot with a bad head can develop many signs of depression and inflict serious self-harm: plucking feathers, refusal to eat, silence, immobility, destruction …

There are as many depressive signs as there are parrots. Unfortunately, depression can take your pet in a few days or months. Your veterinarian will help you find the cause (s) of depression to get your bird back on its feet.

It is advisable to react as soon as possible to rule out any risk of infectious disease linked to the disorders developed by the parrot.

What price for parrot insurance?

Parrot health insurance remains a rare insurance. Even if the market players are multiplying, they are not legion. Nevertheless, we can distinguish three types of offers for the mutual health of parrots:

  • Economic formula : for less than 15 euros per month, you benefit from a cover of the main veterinary costs up to 50%
  • Intermediate formula : between 15 and 20 euros per month, they allow reimbursement, including in the event of illness, of approximately 70% of health costs
  • Complete formula : for 25 euros per month on average, you have access to extended guarantees, high ceilings and low deductibles

Count in the end between 15 and 30 euros monthly for parrot insurance. In order to make the best choice, use our online comparator to view the best offers available for your NAC in a few minutes!

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