Partial compensation for administratively closed businesses

For once, I’m going to give a big rant today. Imagine that to help businesses closed administratively because of the coronavirus, the authorities have devised a new device.

Partial aid for businesses

From March 31, they will be able to request payment of their fixed costs. It could not be more logical: they cannot earn money since they are closed. Only here it is: rather than saying “we cover your fixed costs at 100%” a senior official decreed that this support would only be partial!

For the little ones, it will be 90% support, and for the bigger ones, it will be only 70%. In other words, we close you, for sanitary measure. So you are prevented from working and earning your living. We generously agree to help you, after causing your closure. But we only help you partially!

For full compensation

It is absolutely Kafkaesque, especially since the bosses of these closed businesses no longer have any income at all, for lack of entitlement to partial unemployment. Sometimes for months and months. Many are totally ruined and can no longer provide for their families.

Rant of the day therefore: that all those who are prevented from working, be fully compensated : “Whatever the cost” as the other would say.

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