Partial unemployment and maternity leave will lower unemployment benefit

The reform of the calculation of unemployment insurance benefits, the first step in the vast reform of unemployment insurance that the government has raised from its ashes and which will come into force on July 1, 2021, will cause some losers . It is more and more certain … But now, according to Unédic, we know that employees placed in partial unemployment despite themselves, because of Covid-19, will also see the amount of their allowance drop.

Partial unemployment, maternity leave … the reform takes this into account, downward

At the request of the Force Ouvrière union, Unédic carried out several simulations of the new calculation of the amount of unemployment benefit, after the entry into force of the reform of the calculation; either for anyone who loses their job after July 1, 2021, and this while we expect a wave of layoffs once state aid released to deal with the pandemic ceases.

The echoes, who were able to consult this study, point out that Unédic used two cases as an example to identify the impact of partial unemployment but also of maternity leave on the amount of the allowance. In both cases, it is lowered.

In the first place, two employees who would have had a CDD of one month, 11 months without work then a CDD of 12 months; the difference between the two is that one has been placed on short-time work for 7 months. However, according to Unédic’s calculations, not only are the two losers compared to the level of the pre-reform allowance, since it drops from 935 euros to 650 euros for the employee who has not been placed in Partial unemployment, but the employee placed in partial unemployment will lose even more, his allowance being only 440 euros, less than half of the pre-reform level.

Worse still: still according to Unédic and The echoes, sick leave and maternity leave also negatively influence the allowance, which is bad news for new mothers.

A social impact due to the crisis?

The unions, which are preparing their weapons to invalidate the reform of unemployment insurance with the Council of State, will not fail to highlight this problem, which The echoes recall that they already exist before the reform and that the government has not changed.

But there is real concern about the social impact of the reform, and of these particular cases, in a period as complex as the one ahead, a major economic crisis and a wave of business failures expected in the months and years to come.

As a reminder, the unemployment rate in France is expected to rise sharply by Unédic: 10.1% by the end of 2021, with the destruction of 230,000 jobs in France.