Partial unemployment: current conditions prolonged – economy

Companies and their employees who need it will continue to benefit from the current conditions of partial unemployment until March. The presidential “whatever the cost” symbol mechanism was to evolve next month.

Partial unemployment, a flagship measure to support the economy implemented last spring, allows an employee to receive 70% of his gross salary, or 84% of the net, while the company pays him 15% of the gross. This is the famous remainder of the charge, which should have increased in March to 40%, while the employee’s compensation would have fallen to 60% of the net. This change was supposed to take place a few months ago, but the health context continues to evolve, the increase in out-of-pocket expenses has continued to be postponed. And this is still the case with the announcement of Elisabeth Borne in front of the cameras of BFM Business.

The remaining charge does not increase

The current rates of partial activity will be extended in March so there will be no out-of-pocket expenses for the sectors hit by the crisis. », Explained the Minister of Labor. The out-of-pocket rate will therefore remain at 15% throughout the month, ” to respond to uncertainty about the health situation “. This will not change anything for the companies in the sectors of the economy most affected by the health crisis, such as hotels and restaurants, sports and leisure, or even culture: for them and their employees, compensation is taken. 100% State responsibility.

Long-term partial activity agreement

Elisabeth Borne recalls that the partial unemployment scheme protected 9 million employees last spring, and 3 million in November. For companies whose activity continues to suffer from the situation, the Minister recalls the possibility of long-term partial activity agreements, which allows a reduction of work up to 40% of non-working hours on average for 6 to 24 months. . 530,000 employees from more than 7,000 companies have benefited from it.

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