Participative Innovation ©: an asset to put people back at the heart of work! – EconomyMorning

The characteristic of companies, organizations or sustainable approaches is to know how to adapt in times of heavy weather. Participatory innovation © is no exception to the rule: this managerial approach of collective intelligence which facilitates the transmission of ideas, the implementation and the dissemination of innovative solutions by all employees, although a hundred years old, is more than never relevant.

COVID? Not even hurt !

The crisis caused by the COVID epidemic, by brutally disrupting the ecosystem of the world of work, is the perfect illustration of this. A digital mutation took place faster than expected because of health imperatives. The listening skills and empathy that participatory innovation © carry in its DNA have helped many organizations to rely on their employees to resist the potential disintegration that teleworking or even short-time working can cause.

The members of Innov’acteurs, the association that carries the participatory innovation approach © in France, have of course also taken the measure of the challenges by implementing more collaborative actions such as the initiative of the Caf du Var, which, with its co-construction platform, called on its users to adapt its services to its audiences. For its part, Innov’acteurs has been able to reinvent itself by adapting most of its events to the new context: the digitalization of Matinales, these meetings where a member presents his own participatory or collaborative innovation approach; the recording of events gave a significant boost in “replay” mode, thus making the presentation of original and collective innovation methods available to a greater number of people.

Teleworking: to be consumed in moderation

While collective intelligence, at the heart of participatory innovation ©, has enabled many organizations to resist the strong disruptions caused by COVID, it also sheds light on the pitfalls to be avoided in the work transformation process.

Human interactions, both with his hierarchy and with his colleagues, essential to innovation are inevitably reduced in remote work. However, if the crisis has revealed the capacity of organizations to be faster and more efficient, in particular thanks to teleworking which requires a lot of reactivity, at the same time it has revealed its limits in the lack of “low noise” interactions. between colleagues and the lack of depth in the exchanges that are characteristic of face-to-face collaborative intelligence.

In remote work, the emotion and empathy which are essential to creativity and therefore to innovation are erased or at least reduced. Are teamwork and collective spirit so rich when you are so far apart from each other?

Human at heart

As Muriel Garcia, Honorary President of Innov’acteurs, puts it so well, “participatory innovation © is a living material that is constantly changing in its uses”. It is this capacity for transformation that she has demonstrated through the solidarity and mutual aid initiatives that have appeared everywhere in the organizations. The crisis is indicative of a general desire not to work as before and to put people back at the heart of the famous “world after”. And it is people who are at the heart of participatory innovation ©, more essential than ever.

Our new working methods can now only be defined collectively by providing adapted and realistic responses to the needs and expectations of economic and social actors. Practicing participatory innovation means being close to the field, as shown by the 1000 & 1 ideas initiative of BNP Paribas, thanks to which employees were asked to fit out their new building; is having a strong sense of solidarity like This is illustrated by the #ResponsePresent of the National Gendarmerie initiative towards vulnerable and isolated people; it is to take into account the know-how as much as the know-how, as the Carsat des Hauts de France has realized by associating all the stakeholders to make its services closer to the beneficiaries.

The new world revealed by the health crisis gives more than ever to participatory innovation © a leading role by giving back their rightful place to human wealth and by rewarding effort, self-commitment and intelligence of participation collective for the common good!